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Enige Saffas oppad na Perth binne die volgende paar maande?


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Goeie dag almal!

Ek is nuut in die forum alhowel ek seker al 50% van al die artikels gelees het.

Net so bietjie oor myself. Ek en my vrou is in ons laat 20s en het so paar weke gelede die aansoek proses begin. Ons het al vreeslik baie programme en artikels gelees en gekyk oor Australie en het 'n baie goeie idee van wat om te verwag ens. Ons bly op die oomblik in London en is al so 4 jaar hier.

Ons gesin het ook 'n nuweling bygekry so 5 maande terug, ons eerste seuntjie.

Wel, die ding is dat ons graag sal wil hoor van ander mense wat dalk oor so ruk Australie toe gaan of wat al dalk so ruk daar woon. Ons het so baie vrae en dit is regtig nogal moeilik om partykeer antwoorde te kry op sekere goed. Dit sal ook vir ons baie lekker wees om darem so een of twee kennise te he as ons daar aankom. Ons hoop om oor so 8 tot 10 maande verder daar te wees.

Hoop om gou van julle te hoor


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Hi & welcome - hope you don't mind the English response, understand Afrikaans but not about to try & reply hee hee

My first advise is go look under the Communities part of this forum - PerthWA (sorry don't know how to hyperlink it nicely) for more info.

Also see this site for the major Pros & Cons of all the big cities - http://www.livingin-australia.com/living-in-perth.htm

And these are also quite useful to Perth - http://www.perth.wa.gov.au/ & http://www.perthschild.com.au/ (especially helpful for ones with children)

We are heading to Perth within the next few weeks (God willing), awaiting our visa grant letter for our PR at this stage. I'll be more than happy to give you details once we are there, for now all I can say is that Perth was based largely on family being close by - I have a brother in Busselton and that played a large reason for us to have a support structure over there. I have lots of close friends in Sydney and so whilst that was a close 2nd, blood is blood!

Good luck with your decision!

PS - perhaps this should be moved to the PerthWA Community site?

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Hi Cheryse

No, I don't mind at all. Thank you so much for the response. I will have a look at the links you sent me. We may also have some friends out there when we arrive but still unsure as they do not know where they will settle.

I really wish that we were only a few weeks away from leaving for OZ but I don't want to get too excited about the whole thing.

Anyway, thanks again for all the links and yes, please do keep in touch and let us know what the big step was like!!


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Hi daar en baie welkom.

Vra maar enige ding en ek is seker jy sal n antwoord hier by ons kry.

Groete Wendy

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