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29April-3May2008 Quick LSD. What should our priorities be?


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We are visiting Melbourne form 29 April to 3 May 2008 for a LSD.

Melbourne is our first choice by far. :ilikeit:

To help me with the planning of these short few days please will anybody and everybody staying in Melbourne offer us any and all advise regarding what our priorities should be.

I read Mara’s links to the suburbs of Melbourne as well as the rail network and timetables.

Can you really travel to work using the rail network? (Difficult for somebody in Pretoria to imagine)

Primary schools? Our Children are aged 5, 9 and 9(twins). Will it be possible to visit the schools during LSD? I read somewhere that there are different types of schools, public and other. Any info or Links.

Any info on Piano and recorder teachers, Art classes and dancing (modern) will be great.


My thinking is to get a feeling of life in the suburbs. Any recommendations?

Will appreciate all input.


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Hi Lewe

Do you know where the primary bread winner will be working. Melbourne is a pretty big place. Once you know where you are working - decide how much time you want to spend on travel to work beairng in mind this is something you will be doing everyday.

From there go online to google and print a map of Mel and surronding areas. Using the From and To direction feature you can roughly work out travel times from point A to point B. You should then be able to draw a circle radius on your map for that travel timeline and have a look at the suburbs within that radius.

Identify public transportation if you dont want to use a car or identify major roads if you plan to drive.

look at the schools and facilities in that radius.

Highlight areas you believe will be of interest to you and then when you come out here - hire a car and go drive those areas. Stop at some of the smaller shopping centres - they all have estate agents - have a look at the properties for sale and rent - even go in and have a chat - costs you nothing, but you could walk away with alot if informaiton.

With the radius idnetify schools in the area - give a few a call to come in for an interview - Explain you are moving to Aus and trying to decide where to send kids to school and can they show you around. All they can say is No.

If you plan to use public transport and you know where you will be working or know that you will be in the city - check the map again for public transport and go and catch a train at peak hours - actually get a feel for how long it will take you to walk to station, catch the train, walk to work on other side. Remember a 30min train ride could be 45mins door to door. Are you happy to settle for that.

Do take sometime to also enjoy yourself - again have a look at map and see where are your nearest recreational/sport facilities - go around and introduce yourself - again explain you are moving over and you enjoy xxxxxx, could you ave a look around.

Also do just something for fun - go to the beach, try catch a cricket game at MCG, go watch a footie game (have to wait till season starts though)

There are numerous postings that list areas to live in Mel - just do a search.



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Hi Lewe

I agree with the advice that Matman has given you. In answer to your question about train travel - yes you can use it - thousands do, everyday everywhere! You certainly do not want to travel to the city by car if you can help it, traffic is terrible at peak times.

We live in the north west in a small village called Sunbury, to travel to work in the city by car, starting at 9am, would take you an hour or even a bit more by car, but by train it takes you 35min.

If you wish to make contact whilst you are here, please send me a PM and I will give you my contact details.

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Thank you matman - I agree with Mara - :ilikeit: good advice :ilikeit:

Mara- it will be wonderful to meet up with you. Will PM you closer to the time.


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No problem!

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