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The Answer - How much money do I need in Sydney (Also relevant to other cities)

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8 hours ago, Bonny said:

Just to go a little off topic here (sorry), I have been watching quite a few tv programs about living in ‘tiny houses’ , mainly done to save money. Obviously it is bigger in the States but gaining a following in Aus.


I think it’s more difficult to make it work in Aus for various reasons. The main problem seems to be that you have to keep moving around to avoid the authorities. I wonder if a cheap caravan is ever viable?


The other big problem is that if you want to stay off the radar in a caravan you will need to go rural, causing problems with transport to work etc. If you are visibly living in a caravan someone will 100% dob you in. Any thoughts? 


Ah I love tiny houses. Almost started designing one for myself a couple of year ago.


The problem is where do you park them, its a problem in the US as well, they just don't show that n the tiny house TV shows. Generally people have to park them on some ones else's property, but if you don't know anyone who would let you set your house up in their yard you are pretty much stuck living in a caravan park.

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