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  1. We're a fintech startup based in Manly - 12 people here and a team in Serbia. Working in banking data space. Looking to fill tech support/analyst/product owner type roles. message me if interested. starting asap. Lionel
  2. Hi all, We decided last night to immigrate to Australia. My partner and I are both chartered accountants and I will move within my firm (i.e. TSS visa). I received an offer from my company for AUD 137,000 p.a. My partner will resign from his current job and will have to look for something when we arrive (expected April/May 2019 depending on visa process). Looking to the folk in Sydney, how comfortable would a life in Sydney be compared to SA? I know this is subjective, but if we spent AUD4,000 to 6,000 p/m on rent (want to cut back on travel time), it does not really leave a lot of room for other necessities if your monthly salary is about AUD 7,000 for the first few months until my partner finds something in Sydney. Compared to SA, the offer in Sydney is about 1,7 times my current salary and I have read that to maintain the same quality of life, you require about double your current salary. Is this a good rule of thumb? We are happy to dip into savings, but obviously do not want to be worse off in Sydney compared to Jozi. Any thoughts from anyone out there?
  3. Hi everyone. We are leaving for Sydney in 3 to 6 months time. We have started researching schools. We have 2 8 year old boys (twins) and a 5 year old boy. The twins are currently in grade 2 at St Stithians College. We were initially looking at private schools in Sydney, but it looks like we will struggle to get in - they have a similar situation to SA where you need to register your kids at birth in order to get a place! I will get them in the queue for now and hopefully they will get places later. For now, we need to look at public schools. I have no idea where to start (apart from checking the Naplan ratings, etc). Can anyone recommend a public primary school in the north west area, anywhere between Wahroonga and the City? Or perhaps a semi-private Christian school (not Catholic)?
  4. How much money do I need in Sydney (Also relevant to other cities) There have been quite a few comments about “What is the minimum I need to live in Sydney”. The average salary in NSW is $80,132 and this would have been dragged up by the super wealthy so it should be lower, add that at least 50% of the people earn less than this number if we ignore the distortion, that sets the average wage amount, so if you are earning this you are smack bang in the middle of the bunch. So what is the minimum number…. The problem is that it depends on what you consider to be a minimum, I am pretty sure there are peeps on this forum that would consider anything less than a mansion to be slumming it: While I was getting my business up and running here in Australia, my wife and I with a 1 year old managed just fine on $1k per month for about 4 months, living in national parks @ $12 per day or sometimes free if we headed far out into the sticks, we still bought good quality food with a serious plan, kept petrol usage to an absolute minimum...etc, even once the finances started recovering we lived on a serious budget for over a year. Now that the business is doing well (7 staff here in Australia) I still cannot bring myself to hand over packs of unnecessary cash. Here is our budget with me working in Sydney: We live in a 3-bedroom house with a sealed garage and a garden, 26 min drive to the beach, a 10 minute walk to a train station, in a nice area on the central coast (Narara – got a Durban / Margate feel to the place), it takes me 1 hour 15 min to the city by train, so I sit and work or read a book in the morning and evening. Rent = $1680 per month Food = $800 pm – we really spend more than we need to here, but like lots of fresh fruit, meat, fish etc. Power = $100 approx per month - fans not aircon, don't run the heater all winter just when needed, then keep it in one room, I swapped every light for LED so we don’t care if they get left on, no tumble dryer (Clothes line works just fine) Medium Hospital plan for the family = $200 pm (extras are a rip so skip those) Train Fare = $290 Per month Home Internet = $100 – lots with extras Mobile = $ 40 – I have a contract, but 40 bucks with Telstra gets you unlimited calling in Auz & 5gigs of data (Times 2 for your partner to get one as well) So $3 210 a month will keep a family of 2 adults and a toddler happy and healthy long term, that is $38 520 per year, even adding spending money you will be able to manage just fine on a salary of $60k for a family, and if you are earning more you can save really nicely by keeping your costs down, and if the going gets tough you could make do with $12k per year, we have done it, not fun but you roll with the punches. It is all about what you consider to be good enough, I am perfectly happy with what we have and living debt free with the ability to have my wife stay at home and look after the little one (and one on the way) plus still be able to save, sure i travel to work and back, but even living in the city you will still need to travel, so the difference is not as high, living the dream in my books, others feel that they have to buy a place, it must be close to the city, they have to keep up with the Jones’s and that makes them happy, but needs a heck of a lot more money to make it work. (Required Australian disclaimer) Note this is not financial advice, I just really like the subject, have done a lot of reading up and number crunching on spreadsheets, this is my personal opinion that I find interesting to discuss, don’t get me started abut if buying a house is a good investment….
  5. Hi all, We have a Software Engineer in Cyber Security position in Sydney. Submissions close 11:59pm AEDT, 2 September 2018. To be successful you will need: Tertiary qualification in Science, Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, other relevant field, or equivalent commercial experience in software engineering. Solid engineering and software coding skills, with experience in writing scalable, high performance, production quality code. Proficiency in a wide range of programming languages including Python, Java, C/C++, Go or equivalent. Proficiency in using RDBMS such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sqlight. Proficiency in front end development, especially using node.js, VueJS, Angular 4+, ReactJS or equivalent. If you fit the bill and are interested, send me a PM. Cheers!
  6. Marmotte

    Making Ozzie life work

    Here follows chapter 2, of life going on and making it work. Previous Topic "Ozzie life to start soon" I will soon give an update of the last 3 months … I am currently prepping for a couple of interviews coming up. chat soon
  7. Marmotte

    Ozzie life soon to start.

    This might not be the right Topic place to start, as I am not yet in Aus, but would like to use this as a sort of journal to others that would have to go through the same journey. (Please advise if I need to move/split off) We got our 189 PR in Jan 2014, circumstances prevented us from leaving SA to date, but now it is time to move on, although I am doing it alone for now. My wife will join later. So, the plan is to leave at the end of January for Sydney. Obviously many things to think about. My attempt will be sort of similar to vitchie and many others http://www.saaustralia.org/topic/47651-honest-opinions-will-i-fail-or-get-over-my-attitude/?page=0#comment-436947 As I read his post, I could feel the emotions, the doubts to an extent, as we all have been through some form of new experience. That being said, nothing as BIG as leaving your wife and kids behind and heading for a completely foreign country. At least we don't have kids, which makes it less complicated. So with this introduction, I would just like to thank, some long-serving members and other contributors. As I read, once more through the various post's, you just realize all of your participation in so many posts and I salute you for that, cause it is priceless and so is every other member out there who takes time to contribute. Thank you, in no particular order Mara SurferMan HadEnoughofJuju OubaasDik HansaPlease RedPanda Riekie Eva and Jordy site admin and also to all other members for your views and opinions. Where many went there ways (myself) included for some time, you kept the light on. I am going to Aus, knowing it does not come with any guarantees, that I will shed tears, yeah, just because, men should not cry (NOT), with no sense of entitlement. But with Faith in God and a thankful spirit, I dare to try, so that there are a lot less "if only" " I should have at least" To future postings and may the journey continue.
  8. Hello, I'm new to the board and have been lurking for some time now, reading threads etc, as we prepare for a move to Sydney next year. I've found the threads very helpful and also eye-opening. We now have an imminent LSD trip and are hoping to check out some neighbourhoods and if possible, some public schools (is that even a done thing?) for our kids who are 4 and 6. My wife and I have looked at maps, RealEstate.com.au, Google Maps (for transit time) and Better Education to try to work out areas where we might consider moving to given the price, commute time to the city (ideally not more than 30/40 minutes) and school's reputation. Ideally, we'd also want something that's green and pretty, or at least neighbourly (?) and walkable. We're not opposed to living in an apartment but are skeptical of sharing a bathroom with the kids. In Johannesburg, we've lived in Parkhurst, Rosebank and Norwood, and would have moved to Greenside if we'd stayed longer, if that gives you any indication of the type of areas we've gravitated towards in the past. All of these are green, with family friendly vibes and decent entertainment options nearby. We've sort of narrowed it down to the following: Woollahra, Northbridge, Randwick, Balmain, Leichhardt, Neutral Bay, Greenwich, Cammeray, Roseville, Lindfield, and Killara. My impression is that Woollahra and Northbridge might be very pricey and posh. Balmain looks a bit gritty even though people seem to have a lot of nice things to say about it. I was told Leichhardt is deeply Italian and that it might be difficult to integrate into. I've read some good things about the Neutral Bay school but the area seems very built up. Greenwich and Cammeray both look nice but pricey. Roseville, Lindfield and Killara seem lovely and green but the commute time seems to be pushing our limits. I've read that these areas can also be quite boring and perhaps too suburban. Is anyone familiar with these areas and these schools, and can you offer any advice? Regards,
  9. Hi, needing an Afrikaans tutor in Sydney please, thank you.
  10. Hello SAAustralia community, We are a young family: Husband, Wife, both mid 30s a Daughter 3 and new arrival in 4 weeks time. We are in the process of looking into immigrating to Sydney, Australia. My husband has been approached by a successful/well established company with a great work opportunity there. (incl. covering the move/flights/visas) We qualify for the PR Visas and will work through an agency. We both work in the TV industry and whereas the industry is very small here in SA there are a lot more opportunities for us both in AUS. But it isn't just the work, obviously now with kids in the equation we have to think about how we will provide for them consistently and with more stability and offer them opportunities for their futures too, which is why we are here. We don't want to leave our families here obviously I'm sure no one does but we have to think about our kids first. We have read a lot of threads on this group about immigration / housing/ suburbs/ cost / life etc. so we aren't coming in too blind. We would just like to know from any other families how their move has been and what their settling in/ expectations / work-life balance / finances / schooling etc. has been like compared to what they researched/thought before they left. About us: - Both intend to work in AUS - Both children will attend crèche once in AUS - Currently drive 1 hour to and from work each way (Centurion-JHB) so guess you can say we are used to commuting - looking to either rent close to work (around st leonards in CBD) for a year while we look around for something more permanent or rent in the area we intend to live in one day (Frenchs Forest or similar looks like something we could do) so as not to move the girls around too much. but we would like a 3 bedroom either way...I know expensive... - we currently live in a free standing house in a security estate nothing huge and fancy but we are happy to downscale in AUS and simplify our lives to aid in a better work-life balance in the end. (especially without added domestic help available in AUS) - aware of the high cost of living in AUS and are working on budgets. - would love to be able to spend time with the girls at the beach more, parks, outdoors etc. during the week after school/work and weekends. - we will probably buy 1 car, and do a combo of 1 drive 1 commutes to work. we would like to adventure out and about on weekends camping etc. so a car would be nice. Random Questions: please excuse these questions but id rather ask than wonder about them lol! - What are the average hours creches / primary schools are open and open till there? - Are there babysitting companies / aftercare facilities etc. like we have here over holidays if the creches close and you still have to go to work? - What would the average cost be for 2 kids roughly in crèche seeing as they would probably be going 4-5 days a week? - How do you balance doing the laundry / cleaning house etc. and working? Are their laundromats around etc? - Apart from fuel and car payments what other expenses are involved in owning a car? - Anyone bought a house? what is the process like? - parking in the CBD? I've heard you have to pay for parking bays at some companies / sites? how is it? - Any random costs you didn't expect that u needed to adjust your budget to monthly? - would it be advisable to get private medical cover too? - is it advisable to get a retirement policy for future planning is it affordable? or is that superannuation not bad? - internet / phone / tv packages are they good or super expensive, what is an average monthly? - are flight costs expensive (domestic and international)? say if we wanted to travel with the kids? Thanks for any comments and if there are any threads that address these already please point us to them. e.
  11. My experiences - hope this helps you and thanks to everyone that have helped me on the forum. We are now official permanent residents of Oz as of August 2017 (me, wife and kids (4&6yo)) We received our 189 in June and were given till august to activate. Our activation trip was 16 full days & 3 cities (Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane). We stayed at airbnb's in all cities. First tip - when renting a car (we used budget) it is $50 per day for insurance if you don't want to pay the $4500 excess if the car is in an accident (eina). This was not something we budgeted for and it was more than the price of the rental car per day. There is a cheaper option of $43 per day to reduce the excess to $500. Landing in Sydney jet-lagged and they tell you this my eyes were like saucers. We just bit the bullet and did the $50 per day. We bought an Optus starter sim card for our wifi hotspot and turned our cellular data on our phones to off. $30 gave us 14gigs which lasted us the entire holiday (sending pics in real time back home). all the airbnbs had high speed fibre internet (uncapped). There were also free hotspots all over the 3 cities we visited. Sydney is amazing - we stayed in Brighton le Sands. The area is ok (not much to do there - other than activate our oz bank account) it is 10 minutes south from the airport but we much preferred North Sydney. We met friends and went to luna park with the kids after waking up late and hardly sleeping. Lots of open spaces and parks around, drove over the bridge and walked forever taking it all in. Afterwards we went back to brighton le sands beach while the sun was setting. Coffee is $5 each, so 2 coffees and 2 hot chocolates for the kids are over R200 everytime. Dont tip your waiter, restaurant service isn't as good as in SA (i think this is because they don't get tips), when you're done you go pay at the counter. Bondi beach is my favourite beach in Sydney . Driving around its weird to see no fences around the golf courses (things you notice). Parking at the beach is expensive (I think we paid about $15 for 3 hours at Manly beach). Manly beach has nice shops and restaurants right on the beach. Driving around the suburbs we found a place called chipmunks (like a papachinos in joburg) for the kids. Lots of slides and mazes to spend a few hours in. Castle Hill has very nice homes and a big shopping centre like in SA. We only did a loop about 50kms in radius around the sydney cbd to get an idea of houses and suburbs. Self checkout at the grocery shops (Coles and Woolworths) was an unexpected surprise to me. Weirdly, they want you to deposit $2 in the shopping trolley to get a shopping trolley. Also at the airports you have to pay $4 for a luggage trolley. On the last day we used public transport to the zoo. Bought 4 Opal cards 2 kids 2 adults put about $20 on the adults and $10 on the kids cards and went from our Airbnb to the Toronga zoo (zoo has 20% discount if you pre-buy the tickets online and show them the barcode on the email they send back). We caught a bus to train to another train to a ferry to the zoo. The zoo is absolutely amazing (it is built on the side of a hill so they have a cable car that takes you up from the ferry to the entrance of the zoo and its a downhill walk all the way back to the ferry). We then did the same trip back in reverse. It was so easy. Google maps and citymapper are the best apps to use for public transport giving you times and telling you which train to get on. Junior school kids by themselves on the train on the trip back without an adult also surprised me. Off to Melbourne in the morning. Melbourne is beautiful. We stayed in St Kilda which is South east of the city on the bay. Roads are wide like in SA as opposed to Sydney where the roads and tunnels were quite narrow. Another Luna park in Melbourne and the most amazing parks with all the top end kid jungle gyms and open gym equipment for adults every few km's and right on the bay. We walked the prominade and had coffee on the restaurants overlooking the bay/beach. We drove down the east coast to meet friends in Carrum. Houses are very nice but obviously expensive along the east side of the bay. Had a braai in Carrum. We walked from our friends house with them and their kids and dog 5 minutes to the closest jungle gym. Drove back more inland to the airbnb to check the houses and suburbs out. On the last day we bought the Myki (public transport) cards to go check out the city. Again the transport is so easy to use with the apps on the phone. The tram system is amazing and we again winged it and were pros by the end of the day. Went to CBD had coffee, went to federation square (saw a Tesla electric car and walked through some of the expos they had), and lastly caught the trams to the star of Melbourne which we went on. Next stop Brisbane. Brisbane - so warm... Time for cossies and shorts with slops. Winter weather was 25deg. Had the most amazing airbnb (2 story house for the same price as little flats in sydney and melbourne). we stayed in seven hills again a few kms south of the city, it had the most amazing panoramic views of the city. It didnt feel like I was overseas. We went to Mt Cootha which was on a public holiday so it was quite busy. Then we went to South Bank Parklands for lunch. Blue pools and man made beach to chill at on the river in the city. Kids went off like pinballs and lost them a few times on the jungle gyms (again the most elaborate jungle gyms ive seen). Amazing spot for kids. Again parking in city is expensive (it was also a public holiday $16). Would have loved to have caught a ferry ride down the river but didnt have time. Next day gold coast. skyscrapers on the beach big houses boats, huge entertainment parks on the way there rollercoasters etc. The sea and beach (surfers paradise) on the gold coast is amazing, so clean. Got a parking fine though $75, oops. Next day Sunshine Coast. So quiet and much calmer sea, had a picnic on the beach for a couple of hours. We then drove back on this scenic windy route back to brisbane cbd. The GPS took us this way because their was a fire on the main route but it was such a beautiful windy hilly drive with farms. The last day was super windy and we were all so pooped we just chilled in the house to recover for the long haul back. And now the job hunt continues...
  12. Hi there, We are busy looking at our options in moving over to Sydney and am interested in the following issues wrt schooling for our kids (9 & 12). 1. I know the school years roughly overlap with SA (Jan to Dec), but would moving during the course of the year be a major disadvantage for our kids? 2. If we were to apply to a school for our kids, what time of the year do schools handle applications and make their decisions? 3. Is there a monthly contribution to school fees and other costs like sport gear, books etc? I know each school would differ, but trying to figure out what the monthly cost for schooling would be. Thank you very much. J
  13. Hi Everyone My family and I may come over on a 457 soon, so we are looking for good primary school for our eldest (soon to be year 1) in the Northern suburbs of Sydney. Any suggestions/recommendations? Thanks...
  14. Hi All We currently have various positions available across the world but I'll restrain this post to Australia and New Zealand only. If you go to the main search, you will also see jobs from Johannesburg, and about 43 other cities across the world including America, Asia, Europe etc Jobs will change over time, but these links should navigate you to what is currently available whenever you click on them. I'm not a recruiter, please do not contact me in this regard, follow the online application instructions. We do have an employee referral program whereby I would be eligible for a finders fee. So let me know when you get the job so I can claim it and take you out for coffee, or lunch. :-D Sponsorship opportunities are city and country dependant. I know Sydney and Melbourne can no longer sponsor. Sydney (Follow links below city names) http://jobs.jobvite.com/verifone-review/search?c=&l=SYD+-+Sydney&r= Implementation Manager North Sydney, Australia Implementation Manager North Sydney, Australia Implementation Manager North Sydney, Australia IT Systems Administrator North Sydney, Australia Senior Implementation Manager North Sydney, Australia Senior Implementation Manager North Sydney, Australia Senior Software Engineer North Sydney, Australia Senior Software Engineer North Sydney, Australia Senior Software Engineer North Sydney, Australia Senior Software Engineer North Sydney, Australia Software QA Analyst North Sydney, Australia Test Manager North Sydney, Australia Melbourne http://jobs.jobvite.com/verifone-review/search?c=&l=MEL2+-+West+Melbourne&r= Implementation Manager West Melbourne, Australia National Services Manager West Melbourne, Australia Production Support Analyst West Melbourne, Australia Production Support Analyst West Melbourne, Australia Wellington http://jobs.jobvite.com/verifone-review/search?c=&l=WLG+-+Wellington&r= ADC Delivery Manager Wellington, New Zealand ADC QA Lead Wellington, New Zealand Application Support Analyst Wellington, New Zealand Development Manager Wellington, New Zealand NZ Senior Accountant Wellington, New Zealand Senior Business Analyst Wellington, New Zealand Senior Business Analyst Wellington, New Zealand Senior Developer Wellington, New Zealand Senior Test Analyst Wellington, New Zealand
  15. SDTCPT

    2 Seater Sofa for sale

    Hi guys, We have a 2 seater sofa for sale. Link to the Gumtree ad below. http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/sydney-city/sofas/2-seater-sofa/1127517409 The price is not fixed so if you are interested make us an offer. Thanks
  16. Hi All A colleague and I are immigrating to Sydney, Australia and together with management are hoping to open up a new branch in Sydney. We are a software engineering firm and for the medium term we would continue to work for African clients, on-billing our salaries and operating costs to the head office in Cape Town. I've had a quick look at this site for information on opening a company in Australia and I don't see anything that would be a problem??? http://asic.gov.au/for-business/starting-a-company/how-to-start-a-company/ We are looking for any advice / guidance from any accountants in Australia or businesses that have followed a similar path. We are also hoping to claim certain deductibles against the business for internet, rent etc, so information on that would be great. Thanks in advance.
  17. We moved from Cape Town to Sydney 3 months ago. Loving it here. When we were planning our move I got a lot of very useful info and insights from members on this forum, so now that we're in a position to potentially help others, I'm happy to answer any questions I can. Random post I guess, but if there is anything you want to ask about Sydney, packing, budgeting, etc. I'm happy to share our recent experience. Don't have all the answers - we're still figuring some things out - but we've learnt a lot in the past few months. So, sing out (as they say here) if there's anything you'd like to know...
  18. We moved from Cape Town to Sydney 3 months ago. Loving it here. When we were planning our move I got a lot of very useful info and insights from members on this forum, so now that we're in a position to potentially help others, I'm happy to answer any questions I can. Random post I guess, but if there is anything you want to ask about Sydney, packing, budgeting, etc. I'm happy to share our recent experience. Don't have all the answers - we're still figuring some things out - but we've learnt a lot in the past few months. So, sing out (as they say here) if there's anything you'd like to know...
  19. http://www.africultures.com.au Looking for something a bit different to do next weekend? Pop over to the Africultures Festival in Lidcombe NSW (near Costco and Ikea). Enjoy great food, stalls, music and famous vibe. Check out the photo gallery of last year on the website. Such cool stuff at the stalls.
  20. Hi All We landed 3 weeks ago, myself, my husband and 2 year old daughter and we have been a roller coaster ride for the last three months!! I was offered a job opportunity and was given only 1.5 months to pack up and relocate. A whole different story, would save it for another day For the last three weeks we have been in two AIRBNB accommodation, and tomorrow we have to hunt for our third AIRBNB, because finding a rental in Sydney is very very difficult. We have been to 4 show houses today, as we did the previous two weekends, in the Meadowbank and West Ryde area and each showing has 40+ people viewing, is that normal? Is there a way to secure the rental with so many potential candidates? How much should we increase the rental amount with? Is there cheaper alternatives for AIRBNB? Any advice will be great my fellow Sydneysiders By the way where are all the ex south Africans hiding we have not met any since we landed
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