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What's on the social calendar for South Africans in Australia?

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    • Geronimo

      Geronimo  »  SD_MOA

      Good Day,
      When lodging your visa, are you required to include a cover letter that is like an index of all your submissions. 
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    • Geronimo

      Geronimo  »  SD_MOA

      Good Day,
      On the issue of dependant children etc, I am applying for the SC804 Aged Parent Visa. Is it compulsory or even necessary to complete and submit Form 47A if you have no dependant children?
      My children are all married. It is only my wife and me that is applying for the visa.
      Thank you in advance.
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    • bernadette24

      bernadette24  »  Elza

      Hi Elna, which email address did you send your form 80, police clearance certificate to? Thank you
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    • Elza

      Elza  »  TeeTMI

      @TeeTMI I have seen a few of your posts, you are very knowledgable and was wondering if you could help me out with a little information.  I was granted my 143 parent visa in July 2018 and my eldest son is my sponsor.  I only have two son's and am a single parent. 
      My younger son and his wife are still in SA, what options do I have in somehow in the future bringing him over so we as a family can all be together again.  
      I would really appreciate any advice you are able to give me, the three of us have always been really close and it's such a disjointed feeling knowing he is not here.  
      Thank you so much......
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    • Sian

      Sian  »  NiniJ

      Hi Nini,
      I'm hoping you are still checking posts.....I see your husband is a carpenter and you successfully got your visas.  We are busy applying - my husband is a carpenter, self-employed for x10 years.  I would love to ask some questions about the skills assessment even though it was years ago. Thanks so much
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