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Russell: New to the forum


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Dear all,

Just a note to introduce myself with to you all :ilikeit: .

Mandy and I live in Ferndale, Johannesburg and have been married a whole three and a half months. Exciting times for the both of us except that, as with everyone else in this forum, we are concerned and worried about the future of our beautiful country.

I currently hold a permanent residents visa, having already applied in 2003, and which expires in 2008. Shortly after being granted my visa, I went to Sydney and Coffs Harbour on a short holiday so as to activate my permanent residence status. I must say I was very impressed.

When I returned home I had met my wonderful future wife and put the whole migration process on hold, thinking that just maybe things will get better and I would not need to make the difficult emotional decision of leaving my family and friends behind. As you know the situation has not improved in this country and, although we live very comfortably, are now we are in the process of getting Mandy a temporary spouse visa as we would like to start a family and we do not want to be selfish to our future children.

We plan to visit Aussie again in January so as to scout out cities, neighbourhoods and job opportunities where we would like to settle as my previous visit was just to short and limited to get an idea of the entire country.

It is nice to have such a website forum to discuss matters with fellow Saffers who have gone through the process before, it will sure make our transition a whole lot easier.

Kind Regards

Russell and Mandy Watt

Ferndale, South Africa

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Hi there Russell & Mandy! Welcome to our little corner of the world!

Which cities did you have in mind visiting? Has Mandy been to Australia before? At least you already have your PR so I don't think getting a visa for Mandy should be a problem. Good luck with all the arrangements and your application. If Sydney is on your list - give me a shout if you need more info!

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Dear Russell and Mandy,

A warm welcome to this wonderful forum! I am sure that all your questions will be answered.

My husband and I share your exact fears for this beautiful country of ours. We are in our late 20's, been married for almost 3 years and would like to start with a familiy in Australia. Where are you planning to settle at this stage?

Good luck with the spouse visa application, I am sure all will go well!

Kind Regards,


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Hi there,

Sorry but I forgot to disclose our ages. I am 31 and Mandy is 27. I am getting old and the paternal panic button has been pressed.

Mandy hasn't been to Australia before so I'm sure it will be a real eye-opener for her.

Our initial thoughts on ideal cities would be to visit Perth, Melbourne and Sydney....and maybe Brisbane, but I suppose it all depends on what job opportunities that present itself. However, a visit of about 3 days in each city should give us a gut feel on where we would like to settle down.

Pippa, how far along is your application?

Thanks again for all the kind words.

Russell and Mandy

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Hi Russell and Mandy

Good luck with the application and the move - we're still in the PR application process and are only looking at moving next year.



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Hi Russell

Welcome to the forum. What work do you and your wife do. Certain cities have better job opportunities for certain carees than others, which may influence your choice.

We live in Perth which is has it's good and bad aspects as every place does. All the best in your decision making.


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Hi Russel and Mandy!

Welcome, welcome :ilikeit: You seem like someone who knows what they want in life. Good thing you got that residence application done! It will take a lot of stress out of your decisions and movements from here on.

Have fun "townshopping" or shall we call it "cityshopping". It must be exciting!



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Thank you all for the words of encouragment.

Yvonne, Mandy has experience in bookkeeping and credit control and currently is employed as an administartive assistant for an import company.

I am a qualified Chartered Accountant and at present a Financial Manager at a manufacturing company in Booysens in Southern Jo'burg.

Great talking to you all. I'm sure we will have plenty more questions in the days to come.


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Hi Russel and Mandy,

Welcome to the forum - I hope you'll get what you need form the forum and also somehow contribute to help others out. Yip city shopping is great but it can be daunting. My advice - do as much prep and internet/forum research beforehand on each city you are considering - then come and see if the reality (or whatever potion of reality you'd be able to gleen from a short visit) lives up to what you thought.

In your line of work you shouldn't have much problems with obtaining a job in any city in Australia - certainly not in Brisbane where I live!

Good luck with it all and the "selling job" with Mandy!


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Hi there

Welcome and good luck with the move. With accountants on the MODL you shouldn't have a problem with jobs. My only advice is that it is easier to establish yourself and take the financial step back the younger one is. Its such a great lifestyle here you won't regret the move.

If you want to meet up when you are in Sydney or need any help give us a shout.

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Dear Shelly (sa2auz),

I will take your advice and will give you a call when in Sydney - infact I will let everyone in this forum know when we are coming over on our "cityshopping" grand tour so that we can meet with everyone who has a short afternoon available. Maybe there will be a coffee club meeting on the go at that time. Although daunting, we are excited at the whole idea. The sooner we get out there the better and we are looking to visit in March. A final decision will then be made.

Yep, and we are not getting any younger :whome: .

Russell :)

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