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On our way to Melbourne


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Hi everyone

My name is Audrey. My husband Marius, myself and our 2 sons, Johan (4yr) and Christiaan (21mth) are on our way to Melbourne hopefully within the next 2months.

Marius got a joboffer from a company in Melbourne October last year. So we decided to accept. We are going on a 457visa and so far everything is going smooth.

I stumbled across this forum about 2 weeks ago. So every time the computer goes on I rush to see what is happening on the forum. You guys have helped my so much. I feel so much more confident about this big step.

Something that I need to ask; How do you fly with little ones. As mentioned abouve, mine are still very young especially Christiaan. Do I dope them with some Phenergan all the way.



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Hi There

Glad you enjoy the forum. Do a search on the forum I think it was under trips, there was a thread recently on travelling with kids I am sure you will find it


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Hi Audrey

Welcome to the Forum, it has been a real lifeline for me and I'm sure will be for you too. Where are you planning to live in Melbourne? We received our visa last Friday and my hubby lands in Melbourne on the 3rd March and the rest of the family on the 1st April. My kids are older (son age 12 and daughter 9) but I'm sure we will see you at one of the get togethers. We will be staying with family in Eltham to start.

Best wishes


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Welcome to a forum with lots of answers and lots of friends that you still need to meet.

Give us a shout when you guys arrive and we will do a coffee or a BBQ. We have a little 5 yr old that started school (prep) this year and we are heading for our 1 year mark.

What airline are you flying? If possible go Singapore, you do have a bit of a layover in Singapore on the way in, but they are great with the kids. I do not like the Fennegan idea as we tried it with our kid on our way to the States 3years ago and all it did was make her hyper-active.

Chat soon!!


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Hi Audrey

So glad to see more and more South Africans moving to Melbourne.

Great stuff!

Good luck and see you soon...

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Hi Audrey,

The thread which are referred to is:


The information re travelling with kids are at the back. Some useful opinions.

We will also be traveling with an 8 year old whom I think should be fine but it is my 3 year old rascal that I am a bit worried about.

good luck!


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Hi Au3

Welcome to Melbourne, if there is any information I can assist with, do not hesitate to ask!

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Hi Audrey

Personally we did not go for the heavy artillery (Phenergan) - in many cases it can have opposite effect and make them hyper. We used either Dimetap or Panado.

If you child suffers from stuffy head/blocked nose - anything like that - then Dimetap is better as it helps to clear the nasal passages and takes away some of that pressure they experience during takeoff and landing.

Either product just makes them a lttle sleepy and hopefully takes the edge off so they can sleep.

I assume you are on the night flight out of SA. Basically keep your kids up for as long as possible and then at the airport give them a dose of Dimetap or Panadao and then they should sleep on the plane and hopefully you get some rest for 4-8hrs and you only have to worry about the other 4-6hrs.

Also dont eat a huge meal before you leave - have something light and fun to eat. Also have something for them to chew on during takeoff and landing to help them pop their ears.

Dont rely on the kids activity they give on the plane or on the entertainment system. Purchase some fun travel activities and dont give it to them all in one go - give them the activities in staged intervals.

Sadly every child is different and no exact science or cure for this issue.



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Hi Audrey,

We are also hoping to be in Melbourne soon.... My husband has a POSSIBLE job offer - Still to be confirmed.

Can you confirm what the sponsorship requires from you and from your employee.



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Hi Aus457/Penni

I am sure you asked this in another post and that it was answered for you.

I am going to try and find the post, perhaps you did not see the answer.


See the post by Tytan in the above link.

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Hi there

Thanks for all the replies. You guys are great. I hear what you say about rhe Phenergan route and yes I do not want the little one more active the what he already is. The 4yr old I am sure will be fine, with activities and all, but the little one, I can just hear the people one the plane sigh as we get on board. :blink: But we gotta get there one way or the other.

About Melbourne, My hubbies job will be in Clayton, East Melbourne. So we are looking in that area, maybe Glen Waverley or Knox or around there. We also heard that south of Clayton is nice with good schools and affordable accomadation. But ah the question of where we gonna live the moment we get there, still needs to be answered. :)

Penny about the sponsership, I would say a good idea is to visit the Australian immigration website, they explain in a lot of detail everything. www.immi.gov.au

Cheers Audrey

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