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Lindy-Lee: new chick in old town


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okay okay I know I should have done this long ago..... :whome: seeing as certain people were BUGging me!! :ilikeit:

Hallo, my name is Lindy-Lee :o I am 34 years old and proud of it :whome: .....the older you get, the less people expect of you :blush:

My darling hubby (Marius) and I are from beautiful Cape Town and have 2 daughters (going on 4 and 9) and then the "bump" that is expected within 4 weeks.....or earlier :ilikeit:

We moved over end of Jan 2005 on a 457 visa when hubby got a job in Perth. We have never, not once regretted coming over. We have loved it since day one.

Hubby is in IT and me, well....wife, mother, cleaner :whome: , doctor, peacekeeper...etc etc ....okay okay I'm a stay@home mom ;) BUT I hate ironing!!!!! (& cooking & cleaning) :angry:

I (& hubby) love having a good laugh. My best assets...my hubby and my sense of humour that can be dark at times... :wacko::D

Okay now that you all have a load of totally useless info about me...I won't be around that much any more.....cause I got family arriving tommorow and next week :ilikeit: Oh and nearly forgot :huh: having a baby as well.

I will surely miss you all a great deal. Feel free to email me with news (and jokes)

Cheers and good luck to all of you out there busy with the big move or still deciding.



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Hello! and goodbye for a while....

Hope everything goes well, and enjoy the family visit. :ilikeit:



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Aahh welcome Lindy-Lee and well doen, I'll stop bugging now!

I hope you enjoy the family, and good luck with the new bundle on the way. I hope you enjoy him/her and all the attention and I hope you'll be spoiled by soem of the other's helping out around the house.

Good fortune!


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Hey Lindy-Lee

Enjoy the time with your family and all the best luck with your latest angel. Please post pics soonest so that we can all go "ooh" and "aah"

BTW make sure that you take advantage of the visitors - make them do the washing, cooking and ironing in exchange for their holiday (new take on working holiday)

Lots of love & prayers for the next few weeks.


(PS hope you liked everyone at the coffee morning!)

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Guest Jules

Hey Lindy-Lee :whome:

Thinking of you, enjoy your visitors and I hope everything goes well with the birth and your new baby. Keep us updated, you know us girls, never get tired of hearing about babies :ilikeit::ilikeit:


Julie :ilikeit:

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Hi Lindy Lee,

Just wanted to say hope all goes well with the baby. Let us know what having a baby at a Perth hospital was like please.. Enjoy the time with the family as well and hope to "see" you back here soon.

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Guest Seoul Sister

Hey there Chommie !! :ilikeit:

Welcome to the forum ! I hope you will be very happy here, who knows you may even meet some nice ppl :ilikeit: and make some friends. :ilikeit::P:oops:

Great to have you with us ! Good luck with the new little bundle of fun. Enjoy having the visitors around. We will miss you, pop in soon and let us know how you are and how little bubs is. I am looking forward to hearing all about her personality and seeing what she looks like.

Take good care of yourself and get some sleep !!

Lots of love

Your friend



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