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Psychometrist positions


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Hi everyone,

I have been searching for psychometric positions and had no luck. Basically what I do from a day to day basis is assess people in order to determine their skills and personalities and match them to positions or teams.

Is there anyone who could assist me with this?

Do Australia recognise the HPCSA psychometric registration category or do I need to go for additional training there?

I know there is a lot of work for psychologists? Who assists the Industrial psychologist?

Need to change my plan of action. Know that my knowledge link into recrtuitment.

Please help!

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Hi Fred

we have just started the process. I'm an Industrial Psychologist. I'm sure the process will be pretty much the same for Psychometrists. To have registration as psychologist acknowledged I need to have a APS (Australian Psychological association)assessment done. Their details are:

Write to:


The Australian Psychological Society Ltd

PO Box 38

Flinders Lane VIC 8009



(03) 8662 3300

+61 3 8662 3300 (outside Australia)


(03) 9663 6177

61 3 9663 6177 (outside Australia)





It takes 6 - 8 weeks, costs +-800 (australian dollars)

Hope this helps!

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