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Gavin and Chantell

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My name is Gavin.I am new to the forum and have just began posting.

Can anyone possible give me an idea of what is considered to be a good salary in OZ?

My wife currently is a "stay at home mom".So I will be the only one out working untill our son goes to school...

We are considering moving to Pert-that's if all goes well with our plans.So I would just like to know what would be a good salary to work for.

I was also wondering whether someone would be willing to email me a typical example of an OZ budget?

Just to give me an idea of what costs are like in OZ.I have been told that cost of living differs from Perth,to Brisbane ,to Sydney.So this will really help.

I hope I am not asking too much??

Thank you


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Dear Gavin,

Unfortunately, we are not in Oz as yet and cannot really comment on salaries, but I did however came across Wagenet and you can search by region per occupation of what the average salaries are.

Good luck!


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Hi Gavin,

I suggest you look up Riekie's posts. I think she has given a lot of information on the cost of living issue. When it gets to salaries, it depends on where you live, and how you live. It also depends on the ages fo your children, as childcare is expensive. Some schools make you pay the full school fees, and some don't (if you are on a 457 visa). There are many things to keep in mind.

Personally, I find that the necessities are quite cheap, while the luxuries are more costly. You can live on a small budget, quite comfortably. It is a treat to me to go shopping. I no longer have to settle for the cheapest thing on the shelf, even though here, even the "cheap" stuff have a better quality than I'm used to! For once in my life I can buy the softener that smells the nicest, and I don't have to settle for something inferior, just because it costs 50 cents cheaper. Small things like that makes life great for me. I know it might sound shallow ... <_<



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