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Merv: Hi from Canada


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Hi Guys

Been living in Oakville, Ontario (about 45 km West of Toronto) for the last 11 years and thought I would pop in here to say Hi to you guys.

I spent 2 weeks on business in Perth last year and must admit I felt thoroughly "at home" there. Wasn't able to see much outside the city, but what I did see I was very impressed by. I think if the opportunity came up I could move there without any hesitation. (would particularly love to be able to go boating most of the year)

Compared to Canada, the people in Perth seemed much more laid back and FAR LESS politically correct.

Ah well, in the meantime I suppose life goes on.

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Hi Merv,

I spent two days in Perth, and I must say, it is a lovely city. If you think the people there are "less politically correct", you must come out here to the "bush" or "desert" whatever you care to call it. People here are so laid back, they're almost horizontal! :ilikeit::)

Thanks for popping in, let us know if you ever make the BIG MOVE DOWNUNDER :ilikeit:



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