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Another Melburnian


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Hi Everyone.

My husband (Willie) and I (Dorien) live in Mentone, Melbourne. Originally from Centurion, Gauteng.

Unfortunately I only discovered this forum after arriving in Melbourne about 13 months ago, but it still proved to be very helpful in the process of lodging our application for Permanent Residency. We hope to have our PR approved early this year.

Mara, since I’ve learned a lot from you about Melbourne, thank you so much for all your valuable inputs.

And Bob, I enjoy your posts from Ozzie point-of-view very much.

We’ve only met a handful of South Africans so far, or are we looking in all the wrong places?

Dankie aan julle almal vir die ondervinding en kennis wat julle met ons deel – ek verwys deesdae al my vriende wat die groot trek oorweeg na hierdie forum. Dis ‘n baie waardevolle bron van inligting.

Vragie: Weet enige iemand waar ons kan soek na ‘n vertaler vir dokumente van duits na engels?

Groete vir eers.

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Hi Dorien en Willie

Welcome, and thanks for the compliment, we try where we can!

If you wish to make contact, I have sent you my contact details via PM.

For translations, try the following, I have not used them, so don't know how they are or what they charge.


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Baie welkom op die forum.Sterkte met jul PR :ilikeit: aansoek.

Groete Ursula.

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Hi Mara

Thanks for the link. They provide the service, although VERY expensive.

Thank you for the contact details. I will definitely make a plan in the near future for that coffee.

Hi Ursula

Dankie vir die welkom!

Ons PR draai ongelukkig so bietjie... Ons het alles ingedien (insluitend 3 lande se Police Clearances!), maar alhoewel ek blakend gesond is, "ontdek" hul toe met die Mediese ondersoek 'n klein probleempie wat eers verdere ondersoeke benodig. 3 spesialiste en 'n operasie (die week voor Kersfees) later en hopelik sal die dokters verslae nou die knoop deurhaak.

Hoop dit gaan goed in Perth.

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