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RuanJ: You guys Rock


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Hi Guys

I'm new to the forum and must say it is a FANTASTIC site. Well done.

We are just starting the application proccess now for PR in Aus and must say it is nerve recking.

Its like - once you made up your mind about going you just want to get there.

It is realy unfortunate/sad that we have to leave our country of birth to look for a bright future elsewhere, but I KNOW that it will be in Australia.

I am 32 and in IT(Desktop/server/networking) and my wife (31) and is an accountant(and ofcourse my 2 year old son)

We are hopping that our application goes threw and that we will be in Perth before the year is out.(Scary thought :ilikeit: )

But I must say one thing, I have noticed that South Africans that moved to Aus seem to support/help one another much more than in SA, is that the Ausie way of life? It is so cool !

Thanks again for a awsome forum

see you guys soon

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Guest Seoul Sister

Hey there Ruan,

Welcome to the forum ! Congratulations on becoming a Rocker on our fabulous forum (thanks for the compliment :ilikeit: ). Please shout if we can help you on specific issues, support or a little nudge in the right direction, our Perth numbers are growing very fast !!

Regards from Korea

Seoul Sister


PS Burning question on my mind - Are you a world cup supporter ?? :whome:

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Hi Ruan,

Well, I've often been told that I'm OFF my rocker, but I much prefer your term :whome:

Welcome to our little corner of the universe - I trust that you will many helpful and supportive friends around here. We've got a growing community in Perth too, so I'm sure you'll find lots of advice coming your way!

I've found that being an ex SAffer certainly offers a new dimension and helps you form bonds quite quickly - just having something in common helps. I'd like to think that we are more supportive of each other - that's definitely been my experience.

Looking forward to seeing you around :ilikeit:



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Hi Ruan

Welcome to the forus, and hope to see you soon in Perth. Please feel free to ask any questions and we'll answer as best we can.

Pisces :ilikeit:

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