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Pieter: Nuut op die forum


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Hallo almal,

Eerstens wil ons julle net komplimenteer met die wonderlike forum. Ons was vir 'n ruk baie 1 of 2 ander forums gewees, maar hierdie is definitief die beste.

Ons woon op die oomblik in Mosselbaai, Wes-kaap. Ons vertrek in Aug/Sep vir 4 jaar na London, UK. Daarna sal ons graag Australia toe wil gaan.

Keep up the good work and advice.

Pieter en Andri

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Hi Pieter and Andri

Welcome to our online home, hope you enjoy it here!

You will have to stay in touch with us, we have better weather than London, for sure!

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Hi Pieter

We have just done what you are about to do. Spent four and a half years in the UK and have been in Australia for 4 months now. The UK is great for earning pounds and doing travelling. Have a good time.

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Hi Pieter!

Welkom hier, ja geniet Pommieland en versadig daai travel bug, Aussie is lekker ver van Europa (en van alles soortvan)

Ja en pop maar in van tyd tot tyd as julle iets wil weet. Lekker bly daar, julle behoort dit baie te geniet!

Aussie BUG

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