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Hello All


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We (my wife and I - both mid forties - and two daughters 13 and 15) - will be moving from Cape Town to Perth after Christmas

We have been to Perth a few times on holiday but moving over is very daunting for all of us

We have got the girls into school in Joondalup so we intend to move somewhere close by. We are very fortunate in that my wife has an aunt and uncle with two spare bedrooms in their house in city beach so we will use that as a base for the first few weeks, a bit far to commute to the school once term starts but hopefully we will have found a holiday let at that stage

We are coming over on a 457 visa and plan to convert it to PR after the obligatory 2 years

looking forward to learning a lot and hopefully having something to contribute as well

All the best


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Guest mrs mupersan

Welcome Tony! Hope we can learn from you too. What line of work are you in and how did you go about getting your 457? Through an agent? How long did your visa process take? Maybe follow the example of some others on the forum and put your time line into your signature (in your Control Panel).

We're in the waiting phase at the moment..... It's nail-biting!

Hope you find this site as informative as we have! Happy reading...!



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Hey Tony and family, welcome. enjoy the site, its really great. We are also Tonians and are moving to Sydney, as Mandy said, we are waiting on our visa, hopefully only a few days left.

Good luck to all of you, keep reading and chatting.


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Hi Tony, I'm also in my 40's with teenage kids and have just been dissapointed by my sponsor pulling out, who said the 457 visa was taking too long. We're in PE and I'm a fitter still looking. Good luck in Perth. from another Tony

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Hi Tony,

Welcome from another mid 40!! We arrived last year Dec and I can only say good things of our experiences thus far.

You'll be fine, with the right attitude we will all be fine!! This is an extreme adventure this time in our lives as we were all rather settled where we were.

By the way I don't think there's a 2year obligatory period for PR anymore!?! You might be able to apply immediately!!

Hope all goes well and you settle in smoothly.


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HI Tony,

Welcome - hope you find the forum useful!

Nilo - there are a three different ways to convert to Employer Sponsored PR from a 457 - if you hold a tertiary qualification in the occupation your being sponsored to OR if you've been working in Australia in the sponsored occupation for the past 2 years (with at least the last 12 months with the sponsoring employer) OR if you are being employed in an executive management position with a base salary in excess of $165K per annum.

Then, of course, if you qualify on the points system, you can submit a PR application at any time.

Good luck Tony and shout if you have any questions!


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I hope you and your family enjoy the forum as much as we do.


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Baie welkom op forum.Ja ek moet ook se hoop jul gaan die FORUM geniet.

Lekker om te weet nog n familie van Kaapstad kom oor :) Hoop jul geniet jul laaste ruk in die mooi Kaap :lol: en laaste Kersfees.

Sterkte met al jul reelings en hoop als loop vlot en volgens plan!

Groete x

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