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Cheap cheerful no frills lunches in Sydney , CBD


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Quick tip to those who are new in Sydney. If you are open to trough food/takeaway food, you have no allergies, decor (is not that important to you), but you enjoy different Asian flavors. The Hunter connection food court in George Street in Sydney is one of the cheapest places you can go for lunch. The food is freshly made and it is cheap and cheerful. Usually after 2pm they sell their meals cheaper. A number of single guys I know buy a late lunch here that they have for dinner. You can usually get a meal here for $6.50 upwards. The Spice boys is also a good deal. They are at the bottom of the escalator (below a maternity & kids clothing shop) that opens up the hunter connection in the underground walkway to Wynyard station. They are usually open to 7pm and you can get a very tasty non oily Indian meal for $6.50 upwards. They make their own naan bread on the premises and have some lovely flavorsome vegetarian and meat options.

If you are looking for a food court that is a bit more up-market, try the MLC Centre in Martin Place or the Met Center in George Street.

In most food courts you usually pay between $8- $9

If you like vegetarian Middle Eastern food, another place that is very popular the food is fresh, the place is clean. The guys in my office are crazy about their glory rolls (flat bread with hummus, tahini, tabouli, sweet chilli sauce, lettuce tomato and falafels, that is toasted). One of the guys said it is as good as having a steak sandwich. They also have some tasty vegetarian options available for $6.50 a meal. In George Street across from Wynyard station between Susan’s and the van Heusen tie shop is a little corridor. Walk down the corridor and you will find them. They are the only eatery down the little corridor.

We always work through lunch, so we take turns to pick up the lunches for each other. Another very popular place is the Big Bite on Pitt shop 3, 250 Pitt Street, Sydney (Big Sandwich place). The guys rave about this sandwich shop. One of their sandwiches can feed two grown men.

Best Laksa in town on the corner of Pitt and Hunter. Just above the Blue Stone Café there is a Malaysian restaurant that makes the best takeaway Laksa. It is worth a try.

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If you are looking for a food court that is a bit more up-market, try the MLC Centre in Martin Place or the Met Center in George Street.

Great tips, will check it out! The food court at Australia Square is also very nice, as is Ryan's Bar complete with fountain and flat screen outdoor televisions. Even a live outdoor band some days. For those of you who like spicy food, there is an Indian place (forgot the name), but try their Frankies for $7.50. Basically a pancake wrapped with various fillings, the Tandoori chicken is quite nice. They have mild, medium and spicy. The spicy version is not really that strong, you have to tell them to make it really strong. If the guy gives you an evil smile, then you won't be disappointed...

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