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Adelaide Suburbs..... a new approach


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Hi, I'm UK based, and I've posted this on other forums, but I have an idea and I need help :)

We have our VISA approved, and we are looking to come out to Adelaide early next year.

I know where we will finally settle will be dependent upon where I finally end-up working, but its difficult to get a feel for all of the different regions from such a long-way away.

I have started putting a website together, driven by a map of adelaide, listing all of the main suburbs (that I know of)

Adelaide CBD, Aberfoyle Park, Belair, ,Brighton,Coromandel Valley,Craigmore,Christies Beach,Eden Hills,Elizabeth,Flagstaff,Golden Grove,Glenelg,Gulfview Heights,Hallet Cove,Happy Valley,Henley Beach,Mawson Lakes,Marion ,Mount Barker,McLaren Vale,Modbury,Morphett Vale,Noarlunga Downs

,North Adelaide,Old Noarlunga,One Tree Hill,Paralowie, Port Adelaide,Prospect,Salisbury,Seacliff Park/Seacombe Heights,Seaford/Moana,Unley,Woodcroft

For each area, I want to list standard details under the following headings...

Overview, Location, History/Community, Schools, Shopping, Local employment/industry, transport,

I am then adding an area for people to upload their own photo's of the area in which they live and comments on the locality.....

Obviously I don't have all of these details, and I am going to need some to collate all of this info together. If anyone wants to send me some photos' and some details of the areas in which they live it would be really useful.

If anyone can think of anything else to add, let me know....

Whilst this is for my own research, I'm sure others in my situation will find it useful too.....

You can email info and pics to pics@parr-family.com :ilikeit:



Simon (41) & Karen (41)

Caroline (14), Hannah (10) & Scott (10)

Runcorn Based, but Adelaide Bound (we Hope)

Skills Assmnt sent AusIE 11/04/05

CC Rpt 25/04/05

Positive Result -30/04/05

ASCO 2128-15 Electronic Eng Technologist

VISA Logd 30 Apr07 - Finally

IMMI Ack 26 June 07

IMMI Reciept 13th July

CO Assigned 08 Aug 07

Meds/PC Req 08 Aug 07

Meds/PC Sent 29 Aug 07

Meds in Sydney 03 Sept 07


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Hi Runcorn2adelaide

I really like your idea, if it's under headings then you can find specific info easier.

If you want a good start, there's a lot of info on the Adelaidebrits site, under FAQ, Suburbs (I'm sure you probably already know that, so it's just for incase).

I would love to see some photos of the suburbs.



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You may want to check out the following website.


Choose your suburb, then choose google map, then in the bar at the top type in schools, and it shows them all on the map for you.

There is a ton of information, check it out.

The following website could also help.


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Gee, Mara.

You often seem to be able to pull out all sorts of useful info for folks to research.

I wish I had your resourcefulness.

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Hi Bob

I will let you into a little secret 'google' is an amazing weapon, as long as you ask the right questions!

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