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Pippa: Hello To All


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Hi Everyone,

First of all I would like to congratulate Deidre, Hendie and Riekie with this new forum, I do appreciate you help and support to make this forum a realization! It is excellent and I hope everyone will enjoy it!

Well, I am still Pippa and unfortunately still in Pretoria. We will have to apply for a skilled visa, but my husband needs to complete some subjects first to be admitted as a lawyer in Australia. So here we are… My husband received exemption for everything except for 3 subjects. He is currently registered with a university in Australia to complete the 3 required subjects. Once he gets admitted as an attorney, we will be able to apply for a skilled visa.

Our road and timeframe is therefore much longer than most of you, but it is worth it. In the meantime, we are spending as much time with family and friends! If all goes well, we would be in Oz (hopefully Melbourne) by the end of 2007.

Have a great day!!!


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Finally! :)

Welcome and please feel at home. If you have any questions, don't be shy.


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Welcome, welcome , welcome!

Nice to have more people from the Jacaranda City.

Just for Nostalgia-Lots of Jacarandas in Queensland. Dont know about the other states though.

Even to this day when I see the Jacarandas blooming I get transported back to Affies and Tukkies-Jacaranda time meant only one thing-EXAMS.

And being the kind of chick I am this brought great trepidation - How does one catch up if you have been loafing the whole year. But-as always the universe works in wondrous ways-payback is guaranteed. I now have a son who does EXACTLY the same and it drives me silly.

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