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Hi Marius and Anette

Can you guys tell me more about renting a place in Adelaide ?

I heard that SA can help you with rental in the first 12 weeks, do you know what the places look like and if it is decent ?

Can you guys help in telling us how much the average is for a 2 bed flat for example, and which agencies to go to for rentals, and what is the average waiting period to get a place?

I will appreciate your helpin this.


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A 2 bedroon flat will depending on where you want to live cost from $ 150 - $ 250 per week in general. I saw one yesterday advestised here in Newton where I live for $ 195 per week. I am not very sure about SA providing rental-I will have to find out about this. Waiting depend on when the place is available, it can be immediate or a month or more depending on the current occupants notice in his rental contract. Be prepared for large deposits, especially if you have no references or history here in Australia. We paid 6 weeks rent as deposit, I yesterday spoke to newly arrived Saffers that had to pay 6 months rent as deposit, that is a bit extreme though.

Check out the internet under rentals in Adelaide, there are several agencies, we used Professional. I hope this helps.

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Shane, if you go to the following message, you could email Annette she appears to have all the information you are looking for.



Read Post #4 by Annette

Sorry I am new to this and don't know how to use the "Quote" thingee yet.

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Hi Shane,

The SA government provides On Arrival Accommodation for people who intend to settle here. You have to apply quite far in advance for it. We applied 3 months before. The official deadline is 6 weeks before arrival. It is a very overbooked service and not everyone who applies gets it. It depends a little on luck as well - whether there is something available at the time that you arrive. A variety of properties area available - you put on the form what you are looking for and where you want to be - the more flexible you are, the more your chance of success. The accommodation is fully furnished and equipped with the basics (cutlery and crockery, iron and board, washing machine, pots and pans etc). You have to provide your own linen though. It also includes all services (electricity and water). You have to give only 2 weeks notice to leave, which is good, because short-term rentals are a rare as hen's teeth around here. I've heard the the condition of the properties varies quite a bit... :huh:

We got a 3 bedroom duplex townhouse in Clovelly Park which was newly renovated and brand new furniture. It was very clean and extremely conveniently located, within 5 minutes of bus or train and within 20 minutes of the city (peak hour traffic). It had a little garden and we were allowed to keep our little dog there as well. We paid $188 per week.

Click on the following link to get the information and forms:

On arrival accommodation service

Good luck!

Annette :blink:

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