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International placement agencies


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Hallo everyone

I have not yet introduced myself properly in the Foyer, but briefly speaking, I am from Pretoria, longing to be in Melbourne! So great to see this forum!

As a copywriter working in the advertising industry (four years' tertiary academic background in publishing), I get 110 points - thus only lagging by 10 points for PR! Alas, hope prevails, and I have investigated a number of alternative ways of making my way to the wonderful (so I've heard) Land of Oz.

I've come across an international placement agency that places professionals in the country of their choice IF their skills match those of the positions advertised by the hiring companies in the desired destination country. One such agency contacted me to let me know I indeed have the skills they can accommodate for available positions in Australia, among other countries.

Have any of you come across such placement agencies and, if yes, are they solidly reputable? My next step would be to pay a registration fee of R990, send my registration form, plus a passport photo and a copy of my R990 deposit slip to the relevant placement agency. I am VERY tempted to do this, but first would like to know if anyone has had experience in this regard.

You're welcome to PM/mail me should you want to verify who the agency is specifically. They are based in Czechoslovakia but they have a South African bank account set up (their EU bank details are available upon request). They place people from all over the world in vacant/advertised positions all over the world.

PS: I do realise that a work visa is not PR - however, it might LEAD to PR eventually - that's what I hope for. My sister and her husband are also in the process of emigrating to Oz and there is a slight possibility that they'll be able to sponsor me into Oz, depending of course, on their final location within Australia, once they get there. I would like to get to Australia asap; that's why I'm contemplating the work visa possibility in the meantime.

Looking forward to hearing from anyone who has had any experience with international placement agencies!

Thank you :)


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Hi Liza,

There are a few such agencies around, but some are decidedly dodgy (the Oz term for dodgy, by the way, is shonky - isn't that a fab word :) . I would be very weary of anyone that expects to you pay them to find you a job though. There are very many reputable, traditional agencies that may be able to help you find a job with an employer willing to sponsor your application. This means that you would come in on what is called a 457 visa - essentially a temporary residence visa. Once you're here, you can apply for PR as you get extra points for having XXX amount of Australian experience.

If you let me know the name of the agency, I'll be happy to check them out for you. Also, don't be afraid to post their name on here - someone may well have had an experience with them and can guide you more specifically.

The other alternative you have is to keep looking on the recruitment websites here in Oz and just apply for anything that suits your skills and experience - even though it says you need to have residence status. Many people here got in that way. These employers often offer sponsorship as well. The best ones are www.seek.com.au and www.mycareer.com.au

I hope this starts you off on a wonderful, successful journey. If you need any more info or advice, throw me as many questions as you want - that's what we're here for!

Cheers, Ajay

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Hi Ajay

Thank you for your quick response to my post. What a cute word 'shonky' is! The international placement agency in question is Workerhire - you'll find them on www.workerhire.com

They market themselves quite aggressively in the South African media. I sent my CV to them, and they subsequently sent me a letter outlining all details.

Must say it is a bit dodgy to ask a fee upfront - I know SA recruitment companies are not allowed to do that. That's why my sixth sense kicked in. However, it is so TEMPTING!

Thank you for your tips on ‘seek’ and ‘my career’ websites – someone else also responded to say that she recommends that as a better alternative. So it seems great minds think alike! Please let me know of any specific info regarding Workerhire. Someone else might also benefit from extra detail, if available.

Thank you once again for your opinion - much appreciated.


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Please have a look at this site


For SIR you only need 110 or 115 and you can also try RSMS and STNI. NSW have also got something like this. Do not give up so fast. Save your money, you'll need it to migrate!


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Thanks Janette

Will definitely have a look.

Thanks to everone else's input/opinions as well! Looks like that R990 is worth much more in my pocket! :)


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As jy wil weet of jou agent 'n "above board & ligit" geregistreerde agent is, vra sy volle name en van of sy registrasie nommer (dit sal 5 of 7 syfers hê) Gaan dan na Migration Agents Registration Authority en jy kan volgens die agent se volle name of registrasie nommer gaan kyk of die agent geregistreer is en selfs of daar al klagtes teen die agent was. As 'n agent "geskors" is, sal jy dit ook daar kan sien. Alle emigrasie agente MOET by hierdie organisasie geregistreer wees! As jy nie JOU agent daar kry nie - kry 'n ander agent!!

To check out if your agent is legit, go to Migration Agents Registration Authority and enter their full names & surname or registration nr (it will have 5 or 7 digits). If they're not listed, find another agent!

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Dear Kangaroo,

I agree with most advice given to you by others, and I would also stay far away from a Czech (or any other) "recruitment agency" asking you money upfront. I know this might be a late reply to your question but if it could help others in the same predicament it would make it worthwhile to post anyway.

Just like in SA the employer pays the placement agency and there are various ways that this could happen: They generally either do it on assignment on behalf of a company, where they get "progress payments" or they do it based on receiving a substancial placement fee (based on a % of the first year gross remuneration offered to the new recruit - generally between 14 - 22% depending on various factors) upon the successfull placement of a candidate. Most reputable agencies also guarantee their placement to the employing organisation by offering money back guarantees in various shapes and forms.

I guess the point I'm trying to make is that if they were reputable they would not have to rely on their "candidates" to pay. Rather approach some of the other internationally based organisations that have a solid reputation and a global reach, for e.g. Kelly, Hays etc. I even suggest you ask them their opinion on the other mob you have heard about. Also ask the "workerhire" cpy for verifyable client company referals and also people who they have placed for before. I'm sure they would not comply. Good Afrikaans saying "Ver van jou geld, naby aan jou skade!"

Good luck!

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