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Lifestyle in the Adelaide hills

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Wow Bob, this looks wonderful!! Is it usually this green? I love gardening... a bit worried bout the Murray...

As an update from 2009 to 2012, South Australia has had the two most fantastic years of rainfall.

Right across south eastern Australia, the rains have come aplenty and the River Murray, I'm happy to say, is flowing out to sea with a good flow.

The eco-system has picked up and the landscape doesn't have that look of long term suffering about it that was there a few years back.

All is green and lush and full.

In the meantime, South Australians haven't been idle, resting on their laurels. They've put in tighter management systems for the River, so that not so much is diverted into irrigation, the local councils are now insisting on all new dwellings built must have a rainwater tank alongside the house plumbed into the house (usually the laundry) and I've personally installed a 3.75 KW solar power system on the roof of my shed to give my house more than enough 240V power . . . . so I never pay for power any longer . . . . and I export the surplus power into the state grid that gives me around $1 500 (R13 000) cheque once a year coming into my bank account.

If you love gardening, as I do, and you grow all your own veggies, as I would like to do, then the climate is great for no end of fresh vegetables for the dinner plate and fruit trees, especially all kinds of citrus.

Vegetables picked fresh and eaten within the hour have soooo much more zing in their flavour. I don't know if it's simply a feeling of harvesting what I've planted by hand and enjoying the "fruits of my labours" or if they really are fresher than off the supermarket shelf.

I know they taste bloody good.

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...Like "Sunflower" has mentioned, I don't of any other city in Australia where country living is so close to the heart of a capital city.

An old thread but a good one Bob. I enjoyed reading it thank you. I think many would consider the Hills a nice place to live so great that you are letting people know about it.

As you asked, and in the interests of parochialism helping :), Brisbane also has country style living close to the city btw. Mt Coot-tha begins only 5km west of the city centre with the foothills forming the inner western suburbs of Brisbane. Some cyclists working in the city centre ride to the mountain lookout and back on their lunch break :)


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Awesome pics (even if they are old), this definetely looks like the place for us!!!!!! See you soon Mount Barker!

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Heck, it becomes really time for our visa to rise and shine !!! We sooooo dream of living in the Hills !!!!!

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