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Rugby World Cup


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Rugby World Cup Final – Pyrmont Bridge Hotel, Darling Harbour. Sunday Morning at 5am. Come support our Boys with me!

Springbok Jersey's are welcome!

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Sleep in late:

5.30am Todd Tavern, Alice Springs!

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THE RUGBY WORLD CUP 2007 FINAL at the Cargo Bar King Street Warf; NSW; Sydney



We made it to the finals!!

Now for the big game. Cargo Bar will be showing the game live - Same time on Sunday, 21 October.

Time: 4.45am for a 5am kick-off

Place: Cargo Bar, King Street Warf (see map below).


Cargo Bar indicated that they will have their big screen set up inside - for better viewing pleasure.

In the spirit of the game (and in support of the boks), you are welcome to bring your wife / girlfriend / partner / parents / Aussie (and even English) mates along.

Please note that Cargo Bar wants an indication of the number of people expected. We also want to be able to get a message out in case we need to make any last minute arrangements (and also to make sure we have enough space and food!). With this in mind, can you please either let Antoinette or myself know if you will be attending by Friday (and if you are bringing more people, the number of people that will be attending with you).

This email has been sent to 100 people - Early indications are that we will many of them in attendance.

Take care,

Antoinette Mark Grabe

Mobile number - 0414 748 655 Mobile number - 0409 462 166

PS. Dress code: Something in green would be appropriate...!

PPS. If you did not receive this email directly, but want to get onto the distribution list, please feel free to send your email address / contact details to me at oznetworx@optusnet.com.au.

OZNETWORX: http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/OZNETWORX/

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