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Werner: Hi I'm new - Pta to Perth


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Hello All,

Werner here, new to the forum and hopefully joining you all in Perth soon.

I'll be asking aaa lot of questions, but some answers I got from previous posts.

Let's begin:

I've had an interview "via telephone" with a company in Perth. They are interested, want me to come over on a 457. Now they are talking about permanent i.e. 457 first but then converting it to ENS while I'm there. I think this will be better?

Something about myself:

Wife and 2 boys 3 and 9 years old. I want my wife to stay at home for at least the first year or until she gets so bored that she wants to work "not that she doesn't want to", but it would be easier for her and my boys to integrate and feel comfortable with there new surroundings.

I've drawn up a budget with info from this and other forums and I think I've got it pretty close "your comments will be appreciated"



Mortgage/Rent 1,800.00

Private Health Ins 416.00

Building Insurance -

Content Insurance 55.00

Car 500.00

Car Insurance 60.00

Broadband 80.00

Phone 70.00

Foxtel 60.00

Western Power (electric 120.00

Alinta (Gas) 30.00

Rates (Council Tax) -

Water Rates/Usage 85.00

Petrol 300.00

Mobile Phone x 2 55.00

Train x 2 350.00

RAC 12.00

Food 900.00

School fees 375.00

Monthly Total 5,268.00

Now all the other stuff:

Tax – on non-resident is

Tax rates 2005-06 Non-resident

Taxable income Tax on this income

$0 – $21,600 29c for each $1

$21,601 – $63,000 $6,264 plus 30c for each $1 over $21,600

$63,001 – $95,000 $18,684 plus 42c for each $1 over $63,000

Over $95,000 $32,124 plus 47c for each $1 over $95,000

The problem I've got with this is: on the www.ato.gov.au site is the residency test. In my humble opinion I'm a resident so I will pay normal resident tax not so?

Super – Employer has to pay – correct

Medicare – Not entitled, have to take out Private health insurance.

Suburbs and schools - Kinglsey,Greenwood, Carine, Joondalup, Duncraig – are they good areas with good schools?

That's enough for now. Want to see your comments first.


W :thumbdown:

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Hi Werner

Okay what I know......

Even though you will not be a resident on 457 visa....you will be considered a resident for tax pruposes (lower tax than non-res)

The areas that you mentioned are in my opinion good areas. Friends have kids in Carine school (primary & secondary)...they very happy with it, and they just moved to Kingsley,nice area. Duncraig and Joondalup also good....lots of Saffas in Joondalup. Not sure about Greenwood sorry.

Correct...no medicare.

Super... my husband super is for every $1 he puts in, company puts in $2, but not sure if this standard procedure or not.

School fees: my daughter in public school (year 3) and we pay $20 for the whole year. Buy own stationery (about $ 50-$80)

As for the rest of the budget <_< ....hell I have no idea :thumbdown: ....my hubby earns it, I just spend it! :thumbdown::D:P

Hope this helps abit.



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Your tax scales are out of date.

In May each year, the Australian Treasurer makes the appropriate taxation for the coming taxation year.

Australia and its economy is booming at the moment, and the Australian government has no debt . . . all paid off last month . . . and there is a surplus of many billions of $$$$ for the Australian gov't to spend.

The Australian tax year is from 1st July to 30th June.

From the new "tax" year, starting on 1st July, the income tax rates will be

0 to $6,000 (R29,000) . . . . . . NIL (if you are a resident, permanent or temporary)

$6,000 to $25,000 (R120,000) . . . . 15%

then every dollar over $25,000 to $75,000 (R350,000) . . . . . 30%

then every dollar over $75,000 to $150,000 (R720,000) . . . . . 40%

then every dollar over $150,000 . . . . . 45%

Permanent residents pay 1.5% Medicare levy on their income.


The employer will pay 9% of your gross income into a superannuation fund of your choice. This is not taxable and you do not need to declare it on your income tax return to the Australian Tax Office each year. You get this when you retire or leave Australia permanently.

You can also pay into your superannuation out of your own wage / salary. For every $1 you pay in (up to the first $1,000 each year), the Australian gov't will contribute $1.50 (up to $1,500 each year)

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As for the rest of the budget :huh: ....hell I have no idea :) ....my hubby earns it, I just spend it! :ilikeit::D:P Lindy-Lee ;)

LOL!! Sounds like ME!! :)

Werner, if you send me your email address, I will email you an aussie budget. In NSW, on a 457, you pay $4500 p.a. school fees. Don't know if that is the same for WA. My son, who studies in Perth, pays $4500 per semester (on PR, we would only have paid $1200), so I assume it might be the case for public schools as well. Best to make sure if you're running a tight relocation budget.

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We're also hopefully coming over on a 457 and then applying for PR, and will probably be living in Perth. I am concerned now about hearing about school fees - I knew that only PR and citizens get it really cheaply, but would be interested in hearing how much it is for non-PR in Perth.

We're also trying to work out a budget, and its already tight, as we are probably going to be paying the bulk of our relocation costs ourselves.

Rialet, you could also please e-mail me the budget? I'll PM you with my e-mail addy.

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Hi All,

Thanks for the replies I appriciate.

Lindy-Lee - Resident Tax - Check. Bob were did you get the new tax table only the old tax table on ota.com.au - Thanks

Super -

9% from Employer of your Gross salary

$1 - myself then

$1,5 from the Gov


Thanks have sent you a PM

Desert Daisy - If you find out about School fees in Perth let me know

Thanks All


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Guest Seoul Sister

Hi there Werner,

Welcome to the forum. I see you have jumped in with both feet, and I am sure you will have all of your questions answered right here.

I have had a look at the school situation in Perth for you and have managed to find the following :

On the website of the Education Department of W.A. there is a PDF with all of the policies and procedures schools follow with regard to enrolment. On page 17 your 457 visa is listed as one of MANY kinds of visa where ppl are not responsible for school fees when children attend public schools. So I hope this is some good news for you and some of our forumites ! :ilikeit:

(Under heading 5.6. Overseas student - 5.6.1. Non-fee paying Temporary and Permanent Visa Holders)

Further on under 5.6.6. Fee-paying Temporary and Bridging Visa Holders (page 21) you can see the list of visas of ppl who will need to pay for schooling. On page 22 - for those of you unfortunate enough to hold/ have applied for one of these visas is a list of the costs involved :

Pre-primary (full-time) A$ 5000

Primary (year 1-7) A$ 5000

Secondary (year 8-12) A$ 5800


A contact to verify this information is given as The Coordinator of International Education (central office) 08 9264 4795.

Hope this helps and welcome again !


Seoul Sister


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Guest Seoul Sister

Sure thing babes ! You're welcome. Let me know if I can do something else or if you have other questions the mates in Perth can help with.


Seoul Sister


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