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Tokolosi: forum addict


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Howzit, my name is Tokolosi and I'm a Forum addict...

Jokes aside. Hendie is the creator of my home forum SAUSA.

It has given me great pleasure over the last few years and I have made some great friends. But most of all it has been a super resource to have. We all have different talents and circumstances but often enough they overlap and that is when the forum will become invaluable to you. I have used it for obtaining excellent info on almost all aspects of immigration and its effect on those who dare it. And in doing so I hope I have been helpfull to others.

The best way to do this is to jump in and start chatting.


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Tokolosi, my name is Riekie and I'm a forum addict.....

Seems like we're in the same boat then. Welcome to our forum - hope you enjoy the visit. I'm sure you can contribute a lot from your own experience as well. No matter where in the world you are, it is not a small step when you decide to emigrate. Where in the US are you? How long since you've left RSA?

Thanks for your post - hope to see you around!

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You are correct. It certainly is not a small thing when you make a move like this. Even when there are things that are motivating the change you soon realize that there are thousands of reasons why you should have stayed.

I have been in the US for 8 years and I live in San Diego, California.

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Jip, I agree: you have to give a little to get a little..... Giving up so much in RSA to move here is still a reality but what we now have can not be measured. I found life in Aus to be very similar to RSA - how did you experience it moving to USA?

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