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murley: The waiting game ...


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Hi all

My mum Murley joined in recently on behalf of me. She loves reading the forum.

I have already been for my interview with the Australian Embassy and had a

very friendly case officer who put me at ease. I am going on the Fiance Visa Sub-class

300. She went through all my documents, checked out all the dates and information

supplied on my application matched up. She then said I can go for my medicals which

I have done on Friday,12th May and I think the Doctors have couriered medicals directly

to the Pretoria Embassy. I have just got to play the waiting game which is a bit stressful.

My fiance has accepted a job in Melbourne so I will be joining him there hopefully. I work

for the Hotel industry. How are the job prospects in this field.

We also need to find an apartment in Melbourne as my fiance is moving from Brisbane to

accept this position. How is the weather in Melbourne compared to Brisbane.



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Welcome! You are the first member, I think, to apply for another visa other than the normal skilled visa. You will surely be a source of info for others like you.

Offhand I can tell you that Brissie weather you probably know is similar to Durban and Melbourne is the same as Cape Town, four seasons in one day. Gets much colder in Melbourne than in Brissie.

Just wondering how long your visa type takes for approval?

Cheers and enjoy the site.

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Guest Seoul Sister

Hi Simone and mom,

Welcome to the forum. I am glad that you have joined us and am excited to hear about your progress and pending move to Melbourne ! Don't let the waiting stress you out, by the sounds of it, you will be off very soon. I'm going to leave the weather and work questions to the forum gurus, just wanted to say Howzit and Welcome. B)

...She loves reading the forum.

I was very glad to hear of your mom's excellent taste ! :ilikeit:;)

Looking forward to seeing both of you on the forum

Regards from Korea

Seoul Sister


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Hi Simone

For jobs check out www.seek.com.au and www.careerone.com.au

For accommodation check out www.realestate.com.au, look at the tabs across the top, click on rentals and make sure you have selected victoria as the state. Have fun!

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Hi Simone

I am a HR Officer for an international hotel group and we have a sister hotel in Melbourne. Currently they have they following vacancies: Breakfast Chef, Commis Chef, Reception Team Leader and Communications Agent. Every Friday we receive an updated list of all vacancies at each of our properties and if you like I can email them to you or alternativly, you can email your details and I'll put the "feelers" out and see what I can do to help. It is not always what you know, but who you know.

As you will see from my profile I am original from Durban myself, I have even worked at the Royal Hotel in the CBD. So please do not hesitate to ask any questions about Hospitality in Australia.

Have a great weekend

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