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Mickey: Furnished accommodation


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If eyerything goes well we will be in Perth or Bunbury in the next 3 months. All the info that I got from all of you posting really helps a great deal. Withou these tips and info I would not have had the same peace of mind. We are still in Pretoria and just started with the process. I would just like to know what you suggest, since most of you already made the great move. We do not know if we should look for furnished accommodation or rather start out with an empty house. We are not planning on shipping any furniture to Aus. I reaaly hope that we can go to Perth, but if not I guess Bunbury would be great aswell. Any comments :thumbdown:

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Guest Jules

Hi Mickey :thumbdown:

I would suggest you look at http://www.southafricansinperth.com.au/ they offer furnished accomodation amongst other things for new migrants. I would imagine this would be more expensive than renting an empty house but probably a better option for the short term until you get a few things together.

All the best for the big move :ilikeit:


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Hi, Mickey

If you look at the estate agents, they would also have furnished units and houses available for rent. It is quite common, and not so hard to find. If I could give you my opinion, it would be much better to start off with a furnished place. That way, you don't rush into the first shop trying to buy knives and forks, and a week later, you discover the same product four times cheaper.

Rather take your time, getting to know the shops, and the merchandise, and then start buying what you need. some of the shops look like crummy warehouses, and I did not even go into them when we started rushing around for furniture. Then I discovered that some of these "warehouses" were actually really nice shops! And they have very nice things at unbelievable prices.

Good luck with the great adventure, Western Australia is a friendly, lovely place to live in.



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