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Boerewors in Adelaide


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So far we have discovered two places that sell boerewors (and droewors and biltong) around these parts. One is Barossa Fine foods in the Central Market and the other is Aldgate Butchers in Aldgate. The Aldgate butcher makes pretty great boerewors and the droewors is also really nice (obviously) - just not dry enough and it's a bit garlicky, but that seems to be a common problem in foreign places (we had the same problem in the UK). He said he was going to add more coriander and pepper though, which I think will make it perfect. :D He didn't have any biltong left, so we tried some of his jerky, which was the best I've ever had (like biltong, but smoked as well) I think we'll probably give the Market ones a miss though in future - not really on the right track in my opinion. :sleep1:

Does any of you on here who live in Adelaide have any more recommendations? I know there's a place in Glenelg that sells boerie as well. We're going to a braai this afternoon and will probably give them a try - will report back in due course ... :)

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