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Washing machine rebate


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see http://www.waterrating.gov.au/consumers/index.html and http://www.sydneywater.com.au/SavingWater/...gMachineRebate/

A rebate of $150 is available to customers who purchase a new washing machine with a water efficiency rating of 4-star1 or AAAAA. The rebate offer commenced on 1 March 2006 and will run until 31 July 2008.

4-star1 or AAAAA water efficient washing machines save more than 21,000 litres of water a year compared to older machines. The rebate offer could help to save one million litres a day.

Eligible washing machines are clearly labelled and rebate application forms are available.

Please note that the rebate is for water efficiency rated washing machines with a 4-star1 or AAAAA water rating. This rebate does not apply to 4-star1 energy ratings.

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Hi Springbok,

I checked out the websites and sadly this particular rebate does not seem to apply to Melbourne,Victoria. However, there are a few other rebates that those lucky enough to own their homes can apply for.

If anyone reads it differently, let me know.


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