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Hi Forum!

Potential sponsor mentioned that subsequent to a video interview \conference, they may require me to complete an "Online Assessment". Has anyone done this or have knowledge about this?

I would love to see a sample of questions before engaging \completing such an assessment!



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Hi Nick

Well congrats on getting that far...i haven't heard of it before in Oz but where i am we do them even if going for an internal position - so maybe its a psych assessment

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Hi Nick,

My husband had to do one as part of his interview process. It's more or less questions like: how would you react in this (example) situation, with some possible answers. Basically a personality/psych assessment. There are plenty of these available on the internet for you to try, but they might not be similar to the one that you will eventually be presented with.

It's nothing to worry about, just relax, answer truthfully and don't over think the questions.

If they want you to do one, it might be a good sign, as these tests and their subsequent interpretation costs money.

Good luck,


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