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Maybe also Saffers

Alec and Fransie

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My Wife and I Might also Become Saffers,Going For Interview on Thursday,

What Begin as Let`s see Has become bit of a, Why Not,a must Do It,

Something we must do. How about PAP EN VLEIS,can I FREEZE some and Bring With.

See You Soon.

Alec and Fransie.


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Hallo Alec & Fransie

Baie welkom by die forum, julle sal baie antwoorde kry op julle vrae. Sterkte met die onderhoud. Ons hou duime vas :ilikeit:

Ons is van Gordonsbaai, en is oppad Perth toe. My hubby moet binne die volgende 2 weke in Perth wees vir 'n onderhoud, en dan sal ons met 'n 457 oorgaan. Ons 136 is ook in die pyplyn.

Bly julle het by die forum uitgekom.

Sterkte vir julle ;)

Robert & Telanie

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Hello Alec and Fransie

Welcome to the Forum. I'm sure you're going to find loads of helpful information on the forum - not to mention all the friendly people. Congrats on deciding to take that leap forward.


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Guest Bronwyn

No you can't freeze pap en vleis and bring it with you! The sniffer dogs will sniff out the food at the airport. You will get a big fine and a long delay!

He he, imagine it! :ilikeit:

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Thanks for the offer, but we can get pap and boerewors from the local shop up the road!

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