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Bible reading plan


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For those of you interested in reading through the WHOLE Bible in 365 days, the attached plan makes it quite easy and interesting. Reading the Bible from cover to cover can be quite daunting and may in fact become boring after a while. Especially when wading through some of the Old Testament books.

So this plan divides the reading into 7 sections (one for each day of the week):

The Law - the first 5 books of the Old Testament

History - from Joshua right through to Esther

Psalms - all 150 chapters covered in 52 weeks

Poems - from Job through to Songs (excluding Psalms)

Prophecies - Isaiah right through to Malachi, plus Revelations

Gospels - the first 5 books of the New Testament

Letters - from Romans to Jude

Some books will still be boring and one will be temped to skip ahead, especially when confronted with chapters containing nothing but names and genealogy. However I advise to persist through all of that, as you are likely to find a lot of hidden gems. For example, I am sure most people will skip to another book soon after starting to read the book, 1 Chronicles. I mean the whole of chapters 1, 2 and 3 are just names, names and names! Boring stuff. By chapter 4 the temptation is there to give up and look for something with more "substance". But if you persist, you will find a remarkable story like 1 Chronicles 4:9-10, which is about that famous man, Jabez. Now I'm sure many people have read a little book called "The Prayer of Jabez", but how many know where to find the story of Jabez in the Bible?

Have fun!

PS - God singled out Jabez from more than 600 others in the genealogical lists of 1 Chronicles. Why? Because Jabez had 3 qualities that make leaders rise to the top: 1) great ambition; 2) great faith; and 3) great prayer. Go and read 1 Chronicles 4:9-10. I think it helps a lot if one can apply these 3 qualities of Jabez when moving to another country.

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Hi Springbok!

Thanks vir jou post. Ek het al baie probeer om deur die Bybel te gaan en sukkel maar met al daardie geskiedenis en name.

Hierdie sal verseker handig wees en my help om weer dit aan te pak.

Dis so amazing om die Bybel te kan lees en 'n mens ontdek aanhoudend nuwe dinge.



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