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The Age Factor


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We are wanting to move to Perth and my dad is hesitant because of his age. We were supposed to move at the end of last year. He is 55 is a qualified plumber and is very negative because of his age. Is there anyone who can say that his age would not prohibit him finding a job. We know there are plenty of jobs avaliable.Another thing he thinks is he wont be ale to retire is this right.

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There is a shortage of plumbers all accross especially regional Oz.

I can only speak for South Oz, and I've never came across an unemployed plumber here in the 12 years that I've been here.

Your dad is a tradesman and i believe things "work" diffrently in that sector, so to speak.

Personallly i don't think he's going to be without a job very long here. Another thing to keep in mind is if in time your dad will be willing to work for himself. Those guys really are busy, they work hard but they also make a tidy "packet".

Not too long ago there was a report that (here in South Oz) plumbers in their eirly 30's have a larger "take-home" pay than doctors in their 40's.

If your dad is willing to give it a go, I'm sure that he will be OK.


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