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Worked in Sydney a month now


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Well then, this was something everyone wanted to know :)

Ok, I'm an Account manager within the FMCG market research industry. What does that mean? Well, I look at store data and analyse it and keep clients happy :whome:


I am a very lucky woman!! The Ozzies there are SO nice, and very helpful! Since day 1, they have tried everything to make me feel comfortable, and am very interested why we left SA. I even made a friend :) A REAL one! I can't wait to get a house so we can invite them for dinner. Her hubby is also in IT like mine, and sounds like they're very similar.

Work Culture:

MUCH more relaxed than in Jhb! People get to the office at 9am, most of them take an hour lunch break most of the time, and leave at 17h00. Very rarely have I heard them working overtime. This for me is GREAT!!! As I used to work easy 17 hours a day in Jhb :blink: This takes some getting used to if you're used to Jhb's pace - but I'm not complaining! For the 1st time, I get home after work, and still have energy to do stuff I want to do, and not just flop on the couch or on the bed, and sleep at 21h00 already!

It's very sociable, and everyone laughs, chats, has team building pub crawling sessions - don't ask :blush:

They share jokes, and everyone is who they are, no pretences :blush: I LOVE that!

No bureaucracy there at all.

Training - I received 3 weeks' training.

Work Environment:

Well, the offices aren't great! Unfortunately. They've expanded quickly, and can only get new offices next year. It's very open plan!!! NO privacy! I used to have my own office, so yes, this is challenging for me, and some people are a bit irritating, but it's something I have to get used to.

Parking is fine, but it does seem to be a problem all round Sydney city.

Oh yes, you have to clean your own desk :blink: Huh? Yip! This is Oz! You use wet wipes to clean your own desk. Me being a Virgo, I cleaned up our whole office last week - was really working on my nerves!!!

Hmm, and tip. Take your own coffee mug and your own teaspoon, and don't use the local zink's soapy spongy thingy :ph34r: If you want to toast a sami in their sandwich toaster, do it in foil. That thing never gets cleaned - EVER!

BTW, the Ozzies I see LOVE snacking!! But mostly on fruit :blush:


I live in Dural (Hills area), and work in Ryde. It takes me between 30 - 60 minutes to get to work and back, that's driving 18km at 60km/h. That means I get up at 7am :P , have brekkie, make lunch, leave home at 08H10, and get to work between 08h45 and 9am.


Nothing to complain about :)

Crime in the office:

What crime?! What?! THey say to me: "You used to LOCK your handbag away, and had to lock your laptop?". Yip!! This does not happen here. They gave me KEYS to the office - huh??? Keys?? LOL :P


I've spoken to a lot of people in different industried and in different offices, and it seems it's different everywhere. I am very lucky!! I am very happy so far, and think I will be there for long :hug:

Just a few thoughts on my experiences ;)

See ya!

Liezel ;)

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Hi my friend

I am so glad your work situation is as good as it is. You deserve it! Also with the slower pace. Glad for that year in Seychelles, wound you down a little. Imagine having come straight from your job in SA to this one!!!

You Virgo you, cleaned the whole office??? You go girl!!!

Love ya


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Thanks for sharing your experiences Liezel :blush: ! I wish you all the best with your new job and hope that you enjoy every minute :ilikeit: !

Lovies, Pippa! X

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Hey Liezel,

Thanks for that post - it's good to know that all has gone well :blush:

I agree with you about the pace. In fact, I was chatting to my sister yesterday when she and I met up for a coffee at lunchtime, and we were saying how nice it was to be able to take a lunch break during the day. Back in SA, I NEVER took a break - ever! The work pace here is far gentler and I find that there is a much healthier respect for a work-life balance.

Hope everything keeps on going well for you!



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Hey Liezel,

Reading your post makes me really ecited about working in Sydney!! I can't wait to work in the city!! I am from Durban, so everything here is a lot more laid back. I am also a virgo, so can agree with you on the cleaning!! Even clean my own desk here, and we have office cleaners!!

I will be arriving in Sydney in 4 months...seems like a life time, but I am sure it will go fast!!



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Thanks so much guys! It's good to know that other people found the same thing as well :)

Yeah Ajay, I agree with you, I also never took a break in SA - too much to do in too little time!!

Nilo, ek mis die Seychelles vriendin!

Thanks Pippa!

Robyn, I hope you have a good experience too! I don't work IN the city though, I work North West of the city, which is nice because I don't have that much traffic! All the best of luck with all the organising and getting here :ilikeit:

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