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Formal introduction


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Hi All,

I have been reading the posts on SAAustralia on a daily basis for a couple of months now and decided to join as member last month. I'm feeling very much ashamed after reading the thread on Forum Etiquette as I have not introduced myself, so here it goes.... We are a family of four, myself (Michelle - yip, yet another Michelle :lol: ), husband (Richard), and our two sons, Adolf (three years) and Max (5 months). We have applied for a PR136 visa and are heading towards Brisbane.

Then I would also like to thank Riekie for taking the time to welcome the newbies on the forum, I haven't forgotten :unsure: .

Phew, feeling much better now, I guess I'm officially a forumite :ilikeit: .

Hope you all are having a lovely day :lol: .


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Hi Mila

Welcome! We're also awaiting our 136 but luckily in Brisbane.

Brissie's gonna be a hotspot for the Forumites!!!



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Hi Nilo,

Welcome silent one, we also have two boys 21 months and 3 months but are going to Melbourne end of September.

Good luck with all your plans!



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