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Diesel Mechanics


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Hi guys,

A mate in Perth has sent me details of a Truck Company looking to sponsor diesel ( i think ) mechanics on a 457 visa. These are all the details I know so far, we will be in contact with him soon, as my other half Mau is a diesel electric fitter and has had no experience working in trucks so it will be a long shot. If you would like the details mail me at jeanpant-1@hotmail.com and I will forward contact details to you.

He has 10 positions available and has only filled 1 so far. They are looking in USA and SA.


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Hi Candice

My hubby is a qualifed diesel mach. but his experience is on heavy duty forklifts. We are currently busy with the submission of his app to TRA, wanting a positive response before 1 Sept. so it's a bit soon to look for work.

We have decided to first submit our 136 visa app before looking for work. It's good to know though that there is something available for him when we are ready. We are looking at WA Perth, Mandurah or Bunbury to settle in.

Thanks for your post! :ilikeit:

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My son and daughter in-law lives in Bunbury and love it there.

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Hi Aramat,

Funny you should mention that as my partner is looking at taking a job working on

forklifts while we are still here.

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That is funny :ilikeit:

The forklift industry is a strange one, once you're in it the guys move from one company to another and then back again!

In the heavy duty dept. they work mainly on container handlers, and their clients operate 24/7 so my hubby's team are on a standby roster, they are on duty around once a month. It gets a bit hectic when he has to attend call outs @3:00 am and go to work the next day as per normal.

good luck

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