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Melbourne Newbie!


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Hi all,

My family arrived in Melbourne in May 2007 and after a lovely stay in a Studio Apartment for 6 weeks, we finally moved into our house. Amazingly our container took exactly 8 weeks as promised by Magna in SA, unbelievable.

We came over on a 457 visa that was sponsored by my wife's employer and I got work, IT mainframe programmer, within 2 weeks. Enjoying Melbourne very much, but would like to have 2 days in the Kalahari right about now. Missing the family is also kicking in, but I must admit I can not see us going back. Not having to get up everytime your dogs bark and not sleeping with one eye open is really good for me.

I will however admit to one thing, there will never be another team but the Blue Bulls!!!



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May I say welcome!

If you ever have the need for a coffee or some company, feel free to contact me, by PM or Email, and I will supply my contact details.

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Oh no, not another Blue Bull... :lol:

Just kidding, welcome to Melbourne, Widget.

Know exactly what you mean about not sleeping with one eye open. I couldn't believe the lack of locks on doors and burglar bars when I got here.


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Welcome to Mellies!

We also arrived in May! Did the apartment, got the house, need the sun, and had the missing everybody thing badly. Dealing with it well so hang in there. There are a lot of inspirational people on this forum who give you messages of encouragement or a cup of coffee (thanks Sparrow!) One thing remains true..BLUE BULLS ROCK! Derek is playing this weekend by the way! :whome:


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We also arrived in May, stayed at Hotels my wife's company paid for, and got a little flat

on South Yarra.

Hope you enjoying Melbourne.

The place is quite a change from living in Jo'burg, but alas

a welcomed change, and we also dont see ourselves moving back soon..lol

Keep Well

Neel & Joanne

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Thanks all, I am sure it can only get better. Now if I can only convince the family to come visit, I am sure they will lose their scepic natures and join us. But each to his own, it is ther choice. To bad about the boks, I would have loved for our 'B' team to win.

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