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Ddecember/January holiday


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Hey Everyone,

I would like to go and visit my friends in December or January. They all live in Johannesburg so I am looking for flight prices. Ive googled "flights to Johannesburg from Adelaide" and Ive seen that the general price is about $2000. I'm not really fussed about when to go because I can take time off from work at any time in Jan or December.

My question is that I would like to know if anyone can recommend cheap flights to JHB? I want to book my filghts now because I'm hoping to get an early bird special. Can anyone help?

Kind regards


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Hi Fred,

We have friends out December and for family of 4 its costing R60K.

I got a quote to go from SA to Aus(Syd/Bris/Perth)x10 and I am paying pretty much the same pp(Quantas), so if anyone knows of cheaper fares to OZ.


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Sorry Fred, but I have bad news for you. From around the 25th November until about the 15th January is regarded as high season, the highest there is. You will pay through your nose for air tickets at that time. It is much cheaper to fly off season. Make sure that the $2000 you have seen is actually for December, as I suspect that it will be quite a lot more!

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From 1 December to 15Jan it is high season out of Australia.

You are looking at around $2000.00 plus taxes.

From the 16th Jan 2008 the season changes to Low Season, there you are look at $1550 plus taxes.

Travel in November which is shoulder season is $1738.00 + Taxes.


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