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steps after 457 being approved


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Just wondering if someone can help me. I am waiting for our 457 visa to come through, They said they are busy verifying paperwork etc, up to 6 weeks, it has been 3 weeks already.

What I wanted to ask is, what happens when the 457 is approved, I know it has to be stamped into your passport, is that correct. We applied through the Oz immigration. I have 2 passports, a british one and a SA one. The reason I need to find out is, I finished work today and want to go see my Mom in the UK for 2 weeks, I haven't seen her 2 and a half years, and it will be another 2 and a half years if I don't see her before we move to Oz, I am just worried, that I will need my passports with me, I have a letter to say I carry 2 passports. So I was just wanting to know what the procedure is, how long do they keep your passports for, I only want to go see my mom about 18 July, so I am hoping to hear about the visa by then and don't want to hold anything up.

If anyone has that information, I would love to hear it.

Once again, love this forum. We have finished off our jobs today, well it was our business, so the new owners go the keys today, and we move out of our house tomorrow and into a rented place, so it is an emotional weekend.

Cheers for now, Jill

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Hi Jill

We received out letter via email to say that our 457 was granted. (8 weeks) What a happy day!!! We lived in the Seychelles at the time and there's not Australian Immigration offices there. We flew to Singapore on christmas night, arrived in Sing on the morning of the 26th. It was a holiday in Singapore so we did some sight seeing and went to the Australian Embassy the next day with copies of the letters and waited while they "stamped" our passports. We left for the airport from there and had a 9 hour wait for our flight to Brisbane. (That was difficult!!! We were very excited!!!)

I do not know if you will have to have the visa in both your passports.

Go visit your mom for as long as you can! Mommies are very special people! My parents both passed away very young and I miss them terrible, but am also glad in a way as they would have been in South Africa and we would not have been able to visit them often either.

Good luck and I send you a big hugg! Travel safe.



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Hey guys!

The approved visas will tell where to go to get the visas, can't remember the name of the place, but it's in Rosebank. Not sure where they are in Durban, but I think it will be somewhere on: www.immi.gov.au. YOu take it there, pay R70pp, NOTE: Which you have to pay beforehand, and give them proof that you've paid. It takes 3 working days, and they were in time with ours :whome:

If you take it to the Australian Embassy in Pretoria yourself, it will take LONGER!!

But it will all be in your confirmation of the approved visa :lol:

Good luck!!

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