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May have a sponsor soon!


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hi everyone

I'm new here and thought I would introduce myself.

My wife and I started the application process 1 April for a work visum and I'm still waiting for the IT council to assess my qualification. However, yesterday I had a reply from a company who do lots of town planning work up in a place called WhitSunday. Anyone familiar with it?

Well, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that things work out. In any event, I will still lodge my other application too which we may only know the results next year February.

I have read as many articles I could find on your forum, and it seems that most are very happy with their move to Australia? Or am I mistaking? I am still in my early thirties, still young, but it is a daunting move to leave everything behind. There are just so many things to think of and, sigh, sometimes I wonder if I am making the right choice. At least there are support groups and people on this forum whou could give us some pointers and motivation.

We were going for a LSD next year January, but with the sponsorship now pending we might come over even earlier. I have some friends in Brisbane and New Castle, and other friends who are moving from NZ to Oz soon, so at least there are people we know. ons gaan die biltong en braaivleis mis, maar hopelik in ruil vir beter dinge (ek hoor hulle kentucky is horrible). lol

net 'n vragie.....is die ausies verdraagsaam teenoor ons safrikaners? in terme van onderhandelinge met salaris ens, kan iemand my dalk raad gee wot not to do?

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Hallo daar

Whitsundays!!! Great!! Volgens my die plek om te wees. Lekker warm meeste van die tyd. Pragtige see, natuur ens ens. Well thats what I like.

Ons bly however in Brisbane maar nie vir lank nie, sodra ons daai PR in die hand het is "Australia our oyster". (nou op 'n 457)

Moenie bang wees nie boetie dit is lekker hier. Hierdie ouens braai en kamp ens net soos ons. Persoonlik dink ek hulle drink meer bier hier as in SA including die volkies.

Ek se nie jy gaan al die tyd jubel nie, natuurlik gaan daar die downs wees maar om net veilig te voel en te kan relax is great.

Sterkte en hoop alles loop goed.


NS Die Aussies like ons, moet net nie brag gat wees nie dan is hulle ok. Die salaris issue, sorg dat jou super extra is en nie by jou jaarlikse salaris ingesluit is nie.

Het vergeet van die Kentucky, ja dit proe yuck en so ook die Maccies!! Maar Hungry Jacks is great! En so ook Bunnings se Saussage sizzle. (wel die mense wat buite Bunnings staan en dit verkoop) Hier by ons!

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Lucky you if you have someone to sponsor you to the Whitsundays - a beautiful collection of islands forming part of the Great Barrier Reef - ' droom plek!

Yes you are young - you have plenty of time to make australia your own place. And you know there are lots of people who make boerewors - we do - and biltong - we do! Dont think you cant take things like that with you - you can. And YES the benefits are immense. You do not feel hounded, you are not scared of being hijacked, attacked etc. It is good. My husband and I are in our 60's and we have made the great trek first to NZ and now to OZ - DO IT!

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:ilikeit: Sorry I didnt finish my note the other day - The Aussies are fine with SAs just as your other forum member explained - dont brag and you will be fine. But dont take any **** - if they appear to be rude you come back at them and they then somehow - I dont know why - they respect you.

So I hope that the company up in the Whitsundays comes through for you - it is truly beautiful up there and it would be like having a holiday all year round - good luck.


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thanks to everyone who replied !!!

at 7am today i had my telephone interview with the company, and when i got to work they mailed me the job offer, talk a bout moving fast down under, lol.

Thanks Pat for the "Super" note

The next two days are going to be very interesting indeed !

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Congrats on the job offer!

That was quick! :o

Let us know how it goes!

Take care,


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