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Litigation Solicitor/Lawyer Opportunity in Dalby (Queensland)


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Reputable firm looking for a Solicitor in Dalby, Queensland:

  • The candidate must be looking at establishing himself with the aim of partnership in the long-term.
  • Person would need to have litigation experience and a sound knowledge of law.
  • He/She would also need to be someone who is comfortable dealing with people and would fit into a rural community.

Where is Dalby?

Dalby has a population of 10,000 with a catchment area of around 40,000. It has all faculties (i.e. every fast food joint, and movie theatre), every sporting club you would want and good schools. Dalby is an hour away from Toowoomba, 2.5 hours from Brisbane and 3 hours from either the North or the Gold Coast

The firm might also be interested in sponsoring the right candidate for a Temporary (Long Stay) Business Visa – 457!

For more information, please feel free to PM me.

Have a great week!

Bye, Pippa! X

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Hi Pippa

Do any firms sponsor you from SA without being admitted in Aus?

Ie: if you are an admitted attorney in SA, will firms sponsor you and you can convert your degree once you're there?



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Dear Kim,

I don’t think it is impossible, but I personally think they are more likely to sponsor you when you’ve already converted. My husband was admitted as an Australian Solicitor in March 2007 and was offered a job in Brisbane. It obviously also depends on your field of expertise - I know of a Trademark Attorney that got sponsored without doing the conversion exams.

This firm in Dalby will probably assist the right candidate with a sponsorship and conversion exams.

Bye, Pippa! X

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