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VETASSES Work Experience



Hi all,


I was hoping someone could give me some insight here. 

I got the nod that I qualified for PR in Australia as the main applicant. I am now stuck at the skills assessment stage.

The agency I am going through called today, after I already paid their admin fee, saying that I don’t have enough work experience post qualification too pass the skills assessment.
Firstly, this should have been noted before giving me the news that I qualified. Secondly, this should have been well noted before I even got to the payment stage. 

The skilled occupation that I have applied for is a Sales Representative.

My qualification is a Bcom Business Management (Completed May 2022).

I have been working as a sales representative since June 2021 to date (1 year 7 months and 7-8 months post qualification). I have pre-qualification sales experience of 2 plus years which is basically pointless in terms of the PR application.


So this agency uses VETASSESS for the skills assessment. As per VETASSESS, ‘Qualification(s) assessed at AQF Bachelor degree (or higher degree) with a highly relevant field of study and at least one year of post-qualification highly relevant employment performed at the appropriate skill level in the last five years.’ 

What I am trying to find out is if specialising in business management is regarded as a ‘highly relevant field of study’. If so, by April 2023, when I hit the 1 year mark in terms of working experience, I should be able to pass the assessment and proceed with the application for PR? If it is not considered as a highly relevant field of study, then this application unfortunately has to be put on hold for another two years from May 2023. This means I will only begin the application process again in May 2025 and probably only get to Aus in 2027.


I feel as if my future has been put on hold and I’ve had a carrot dangling in front of me this whole time. I am now on a mission to make this opportunity possible again. Any insights would be HUGELY appreciated.


Kind regards,





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