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Monthly cost of living budgets


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Is there a massive cost of living difference between Sydney/Mebourne on theudgt one hand and Brisbane/Adelaide on the other? I've tried to look at budgets, housing prices etc, but difficult to find up-to-date information for 2022/2023.


There used to be monthly updates a few years back on this site on Monthly cost of living budgets for the main Aus cities, but can't find anything recent. Any ideas where I can find this info?



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Yes, massive difference, specially around housing. For budgets search <Topics> "budgets" There are 1500 results. Now filter down

But, as always its not simple. Sydney is most expensive and Adelaide much less. The rest is in between.

Average house prices doesn't say much. Looking at individual postal code areas are more applicable.

Now, comparing postal code areas across states aren't that easy, but doable.

Different approach:

  1. Rather decide which state, and which area based on work, then budget, then living standards & schools & personal alignment
  2. Check the profile/demographics of those area https://profile.id.com.au/
  3. Once you have identified an area, start by getting a feeling for price by looking at past prices of house been sold. Work out the cost per meter square. Now you can start to compare the different locations and areas i.e apples with apples https://www.oldlistings.com.au/
  4. Then look at current houses in those areas https://www.suburbview.com

Good luck!

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