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Classic cars & Immigration



Hi Forum Members


I am wondering if someone here can give me advice or maybe point me in the right direction.

We are in the process of getting me over to Australia, will be calling Perth home, on the Subclass 186 visa. I wont be taking a lot of things over and I am planning to sell most of my things here and buying new.

Ons of my biggest concerns is my cars. I was lucky enough to inherit a few classic cars, 2 of them is from the 1930's and one from the early 80's. They are all original, still working and registered in South Africa.
These cars have a tremendous sentimental value to me, as they have been in my family for decades and I want to bring the cars over in the future.

I am planning to put the cars in storage for the time being and after some time, maybe after a year of 2,  when I have saved enough and got a place to park/store them in Perth, bring them over.


Has anybody got any experience with brining  classic cars over, and what are the Aussie rules and regulations for doing something like this?



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Your best bet would be to find a classic car collector club/forum in Perth and discuss the local regulations with them. The bringing over/shipping part should be straight forward. I doubt there would be any issues having them shipped over. Having it road legal would depend on the local authorities, each state has their own regulations. 

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Thank you Frosty


I did found the Veteran & Classic Car Club of W.A., emailed them, but have not heard anything back. Will give them a few days before I try again.


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