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Roetse van PTA


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Hi all,

After a long time of uncertainty we have finally decided to make the move to OZ.

Still not sure if it is worth using an agent to manage the process - any pointers?

We are a family of 4 and my greatest concern really is my son that will be 13 by the time (I Guess) we will be able to move.

I'm a bit uncomfortable with his age in relation where he will fit in, in school i.e. "high school" or not and how difficult it will be for him. My daughter will be 9 by then and I don't feel the same concern as I think at that age she will be OK.

We are aiming to settle in Adelaide it seems like "my kind of town" from all the research, but we'll do a Rekkie a bit later and see if it matches our impressions.

Talk again soon


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Hey Corner!

You will find in the 'Applications' forum, there is a whole discussion about migration agents.

Hope that helps!

Take care, Michele

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Thx, Michele

Still exploring the site - totally overwhelmedwith all the info available. Could have saved a lot of energy if I started research here.



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Hi Corner

Maak seker jy woon die koffie klub ontbyt oppi 30ste Junie by, daars altyd baie raad en tips wat mens so optel. Dit gee mens ook geleentheid om n paar mense oppi forum te leer ken en blykbaar se my man is daar n immigration lawyer wat daar gaan wees om met die ouens te praat (lg. help vi "pippa" om oor te gaan)


Tomdoel :ilikeit:

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