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Do I need a police clearance certificate when applying for citizenship



Hi everyone, I can't believe it's been close to 4 years since I immigrated to Australia! I just wanted to check whether I would need to get a police clearance certificate when I apply for citizenship? Below is a summary of my situation:

  • Permanent residency (subclass 190) granted on 13 January 2017 whilst offshore in South Africa
  • Moved to Australia on 9 March 2017 - i.e. 8 weeks after my PR visa was issued
  • Visited South Africa for 1 week in 2018 and travelled to Fiji for 2 weeks in 2018
  • Visited South Africa for 2 weeks in 2019
  • Since I moved to Australia I haven't been outside of Australia except for the above 3 trips which totalled 5 weeks. In addition to this, I was outside of Australia for 8 weeks prior to moving here (i.e. between 13 January 2017 when the visa was granted and 9 March 2017 when I moved here).


Based on this would I need to obtain a police clearance certificate again for South Africa?




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