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South African Home School recognition by Australian Schools

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Good day,

I am in the process of applying for a 190 visa and after obtaining it (hopefully!), plan to immigrate. We are considering enrolling our son in Grade R next year (2021) through Impaq's home schooling program. The learning material follows the CAPS curriculum. Do you know if this, and any additional primary school grades he may complete before immigrating, are accepted in Australia if he were to join a mainstream school there? Or what are the Australian school requirement criteria for South African child immigrants? Any information will be much appreciated.



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Info on Home Schooling in Australia: https://myhomeschool.com.au/homeschooling-in-australia/ The legal requirements are different for each state. Depending on where in Australia you're heading, I would contact the relevant homeschool authority in that particular state for more information about transitioning into the regular school system.  I can see no reason why it would not be possible for any home school child who followed an approved cirriculum of their home country.  


That said, if the plan is for your child to attend a regular school in australia, why not simply enrol in a regular school in South Africa?  It would probably make the transition to Australia easier as it would not be the shock of leaving home/parents to attend school on top of moving countries and away from everything familiar.  


When you arrive in Australia, go see the principal of the school you want to enrol your child in and discuss where your son will slot into.  Our daugher was 11 when we arrived in the beginning of November.  We saw the principal of her local school and after a chat and an assessment of her last school report, the principal recommended that she should take the rest of the year off from school to settle into Australia and pick it up in the next grade the following year.  She took it in her stride and never looked back.  


As parents we tend to overthink things but the simpler it is, the easier for the kids. 

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