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Liquid propane or natural gas?

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What is more readily available and more widely used for RV gas cooking stoves and other gas powered camping goodies? (natural gas, or propane?)


Thank you

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Are you talking about at camping grounds or at home? 


You have to take your own gas bottles with you for camping etc.


Many homes have gas connections inside and outside the house but  as far as I know,  your equipment should be compatible for whichever form of gas you'll be using.  


I found this blog regarding the benefits and costs etc of either - hope this helps:





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Thanks Riekie, i am referring to camping, but i guess home also applies. eg. America use alot of liquid propane burners for their outdoor cooking, was just wondering if its natural gas or propane in oz as it will effect the type of burner i bring over in my Campervan

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