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Job on Offer: Business/Team/Account/Sales Manager in Sydney


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We are now looking for someone who can get involved in helping keep the business running, we are a small company with 9 fulltime staff and around 8 contractors, with some really big clients and great opportunities.

We have reached the point where we have so much work that it has completely exceeded my capacity to manage everything that is going on, this role will step in and take over as much of that load as possible to free me up so i can continue building the buisiness and providing better customer service.


While we are ultimately looking for someone who can manage, we are a small business so this role will be fully hands on, getting involved in every aspect of the business, including, looking after projects and teams to make sure delivery is happening, client relationships, billing, making sure stuff doesn’t get forgotten, presales, recruitment, setting up new business areas & chasing sales (we only chase qualified leads so no cold calling required).


Understand this is a small business so one hour you will be the project manager, then team lead following up on projects and looking at resource allocation, then next hour manning the phones to answer first level support while the help desk guy is out, then the next hour you are on the phone with a new customer pitching a sale and raising invoices, then onsite with the client doing a software demo yourself.


If you are driven, understand customer service, with experience in business as well as implementations and this sounds good, give me a shout on recruit@softwaresystems.com.au with a CV and cover letter.


You need to be in Sydney with work rights

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