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Traumatic 1st Day

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We landed yesterday and had a relatively easy pick and settling in with family fetching us and taking them to stay at their home. 

But then what we thought was a great idea, turned into a nightmare. We thought we would take the kids for a drive to look at suburbs and also the beach.

I am upset that I put my wife and 2 kids (Age 6 and 4) through this on day 1. The kids were exhausted from all the travelling and they fell asleep in the car. We chose to not wake them and just drive around. Sadly they came in and out of sleep with outbursts of crying. Nothing we could do would console them. Hardest part was my son crying and just begging to go back home to Cape Town.

It was heart wrenching seeing our kids begging to go home and asking why we brought them here.

We should never have gone out and just tried to catch up on some sleep. 

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My family and I also recently arrived, my kids 7 & 4 have on many occasions said how much they miss Jo'burg.

So it may have nothing to do with you going out on the first day. I have read/heard it gets better, hang in there.



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It takes time to adjust. My kids too cried and begged to go "home" for 2 weeks. But now they can't even remember South Africa. Just chill, go explore more fun things like local play parks, beaches, museums, try new lollies and foods, let them explore without thinking about this being forever, make it feel more a holiday. One day at a time. It took myself over 6 weeks to adjust. It was much easier for my husband. i still cried 6 weeks in, and I was the one who wanted to come to Melbourne in the first place! let the kids skype their family to show them they can still see and talk to whomever they want to. Be prepared for some intense emotions, but just know it WILL pass. The lucky country makes you fall in love with it in its own time :)

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