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Moving to Perth from Melbourne


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Hello everyone,


We will be moving to Perth from Melbourne end of next year.


We are a family of 5, and 4 cockatiels. 2 high school and 1 primary school kiddies. Hubby loves playing golf.


I was looking at the following suburbs and they price range fits our budget, but looking for honest opinions please:









Can you also give me some recommendations for a good Orthodontist and Gymnastic school.


Hope to hear from you soon.




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End of next year, really planning ahead!


We live further north Mindarie / Quinns Rocks area but any of those you mentioned seems nice.  It depends a bit what your plan is in terms of schools so going private or public.  We like it closer to the ocean and some of your areas more inland, our kids in private Baptist school.  So I cannot contribute much to this.


The main gymnastics places in your areas that I know off are High flyers, Northern District and College park.  All have their positives and negatives





May be worthwhile joining the local Facebook groups and asking questions on there as well:

Proudly South African In Perth & WA

Proud South African In Perth


All the best on the very positive move!


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Those are all lovely areas.... Looks like you've already got the most important rule sorted, try to keep left of the Mitchell Freeway...



Close to fantastic beaches.

Fancy but expensive private schools

Really good socio-economic area.

Generally large homes, with low maintenance gardens.

Probably the most expensive housing of this list

Not the best public transport access.



Very neat suburbs.

Lovely parks

Really well rated public schools

Easy access to Whitfords/Greenwood stations = good public transport

Good value homes



Older homes....

Much closer to the city. Would shave a considerable amount of travel time off your daily journey if you were driving in and out every day...

5min drive to lovely beaches and parks.


Personally not a major fan of Padbury/Greenwood as they have the same 'negatives' as above but without the postitives...

Older homes.

Not as neat and tidy as the other suburbs

Parks aren't as well kept

Schools aren't as well rated.



If you want a beautiful mansion and enjoy the your toys like boats etc = Hillarys

If you have to work and drive to the city EVERY DAY= Carine/Duncraig

If you're happy with something more average = Woodvale/Kingsley


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4 hours ago, renebo said:

Hubby loves playing golf.


As a non-golfer, I think the Lake Karrinyup Country Club and Joondalup Resort have lovely looking courses....

All the Golfers I know seem to prefer Lakelands Country Club.... Guess there's more to it than just having beautifully green lawns and a good view :P



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@Gerhardk oh my gosh me and planning you should have seen me when we went from SA to Wales and then from Wales to Melbourne. Had plan A TO Z  LOL. thanks for the input much appreciated.


Thanks for the gymnastics info!! 


@Titus thanks for that detailed analysis of the suburbs, really good to know.


We will be looking at government schools as they are in at the moment. 


As for the golf courses he will have to go test them all, great excuse I guess hehehe. 


We can't wait to move. Maybe we will arrange a catch up once there!! 


Thanks once again 



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